Crazy morning

I can’t find something for my daughter’s birth certificate which we haven’t gotten yet. We never got her social security card either and we got my computer fixed and audio sound still isn’t working. At least we know it wasn’t the program. We have a huge medical bill from having our baby and they charged us for the drug they never got to use because she came so fast. I had to cancel my daughter’s appointment because OHP switched her to Kaiser and I decided forget it and just stick with what they put her on. But yet we never got the Kaiser card in the mail yet for her.

But this morning was crazy because I pooped in my Molicae Super Plus and stayed in it for about two hours and I thought it was a little one and between my butt cheeks until I took it off and saw it was spread in the middle to back and I let the rest drop in the diaper that was stuck in my butt cheeks. My daughter was resting in her bouncer and she was content so I decided to change so it won’t leak but instead it turned into a big mess so I went in the bathroom and started to wash it off and then she started to cry. I kept on rinsing and then my husband came up and wanted me to take care of her but couldn’t because I was cleaning up and he was on the phone with Dell about my computer. She cries harder and harder and then I was finished and I dry off and then I pick her up and undo her onesie and pull off her plastic pants and take her cloth diaper off and leave her there on my bed as I get on my own cloth diaper. She keeps crying and I feel overwhelmed and after I get on my socks and plastic pants, I then go taking care of her and rinsing the diaper off in the toilet. I was multitasking, taking care of myself and her. Then I just held her and fed her in my diaper and socks and she went to sleep after she finished nursing. Sometimes as a DL parent, I get stuck in my wet and messy diapers until I get the chance to change them. I wonder how incontinent parents do it. I am sure they neglect their kids to take care of their needs first and then go to them or they let themselves leak because of kids come first and some parents go far with it they neglect their own health. But kids can be unpredictable because they are fine so you go and take care of yourself and then they need you while you are doing it so you make them wait like I did with my daughter.

I still have the mess in the tub to clean up. I did a Natalie thing. I don’t think my parents would want to see poop in the tub because my mom made a comment about me leaving my son’s poo in the tub once and she and Dad also make comments about a diaper being left in the toilet or his underwear. Then my husband and I forget we did it when we were intending to do it later. I have some stuff I got to do today so I’ll wrap this up for now.



One thought on “Crazy morning

  1. Although I don’t have little kids, I do find myself leaving a poop in my diaper fairly often. No one notices, and I hardly notice it in there after I sit on it. It is just so much easier to keep it in my diaper till I get home to change. I take Nullo pills and always wear plastic pants and control top panty hose to keep the noise down. Under a skirt or dress, the diaper is not visible. As long as my poop is firm, I don’t get any diaper rash.

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