My fat butt

Today out in the backyard I was outside on the patio with my daughter and my son was playing out there too in his sandbox. My parents were outside working in the yard and then my dad went inside to rest and my mom stayed out and sat. Then she decided to make a comment about my diapers when I sat back down after helping my son get one of the toy trucks out of the plastic storage box  in his play area. She said my diapers make me look like I have a fat butt with big hips and big boobs but the rest of me is skinny and my tummy too but when I sit, oh boy I have huge hips and a big butt. I just laughed and said I bet that is what people think.

Speaking of my fat butt and huge hips, this is what it looks like under a pair of my shorts:

 photo 100_2030.jpg

 photo 100_2027.jpg


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