Diapers make me feel selfish sometimes

So my mom told me last night again how my diapers smell because I don’t use any fabric sheets or use anything in the washer to help with the smell so she has to wash her clothes twice.

I don’t use fabric sheets because it’s a fabric softener, I don’t use anything except laundry detergent because I don’t want to ruin the diapers. Bleach ruins them and I tried vinegar, perhaps I should put some in again and it might get rid of the smell but not use it every time. I have rinsed them off the in the toilet and they still smell. She also told me how our water bill is high and the sewer and I said if disposables will be cheaper, I might reconsider when I asked how much the bills are. I asked my husband about it and he didn’t know how much more we are paying for it but it’s pretty high.

I wonder if using disposables 24/7 will be cheaper.

The disadvantage of using cloth are:

More electricity for washing them and drying

Higher water and sewer bill

Wear and tear on the washer

The cost of detergent and how sooner you run out

The smell


At least with disposables, I will only be wearing and tossing them out and I am using rash cream and wipes like always, baby power optional and then I toss in the diaper pail when I am done with the diaper and take outside when it’s full. But what is cheaper?

I have been trying to make the cloth diapers smell less but nothing seems to work. I have thought about using a clothes line outside, buy some rope or whatever or a clothesline kit and hook it up using a tree or whatever or the house and hand them up outside on a hot day which is the summer but I don’t want anyone seeing them. We have lot of trees so it’s unlikely but my brother comes over sometimes and I don’t want him seeing them. He hasn’t been over in a while ever since he got a new job.

I talked to my husband about our costs and wondered what is cheaper and he doesn’t know there. He had solutions like get our own washer and use it for my diapers only and plug it in every time I use it. That means connect the water hose to them each time too. His other solution was get a bigger bucket and put diapers in there and it will be a full load. Keep the bucket in the basement and carry the diaper down there in a bag so I am not carrying it visibly in my hand. Keep some water in the bucket and soak diapers in there.

I like cloth because it saves money but am I really saving money? What if we are paying more in water and sewer and electricity total than I would with disposables? Then I am not really saving money so I would mind as well use disposables. I know peoples main reason for using cloth is to be economical and environmental to save the landfill. My reason was for money. But if I am not saving any, I will mind as well switch to disposables and I bet my parents will love that. I could switch to disposables for a few months and see the difference in our bills and decide what is cheaper. Besides cloth is very bulky and disposables are thinner and I can wear more of my clothes over them than I can with cloth. Or if I would be spending the same amount for disposables when I wear them full time like I was with using cloth, I would go with disposables because it would be better for everyone.

Sometimes I get sick of cloth because of the smell and the stress and I have thought about in the past switching but then I feel I am tossing my money out the window. I have just thought about cloth diaper detergent. I can get it online or try and find it in stores, if none of the stores sell it here and only online, I would have to go online and try it. I don’t know how people do it and get rid of the smell and I think I am one of those people who just can’t get it out of the diapers if the smell stays in the washer and dryer and I do rinse after washing them to get the suds out. But feedback always helps from my mother so I know they still stink so I know my method is not working.


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