Time for more diapers

I am down to 11 Molicares in my bag and I need to order more diapers but I cannot make up my mind. Should I get the same batch again or Wellness Briefs or Tena Maxi Plus, or Abena M4, or Bambino. No ABU diapers because they are having problems with their orders and I will not be the victim of not getting them or getting the wrong size. They have shipped the wrong sizes to their customers. For example, a customer orders mediums, they ship out larges instead. Also their customer service is bad so they may be trying to contacting them and they never get a reply back or they never pick up their phone or return their calls. So what diaper shall I decide on? I hate it when I have to get more diapers. So hard to make up my mind. Make up my mind? Of course it’s hard, I don’t use any make up and my head doesn’t screw open so I can’t make up my mind, get it? I love word play jokes. But yet I have a hard time picking it up when others do it but when I do it, no problem.

I am thinking of ordering one sample from Bambino to see how good their diapers are I want to get but I am not sure if they will be out of stock again and if their batches would be different. I hear their new batches are better than the last ones. Man they sounded horrible based on the complaints about them on Fetlife and Dailydiapers and ADISC.


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