Crazy day at the park

My parents made u for my birthday they forgot about. I decided on the park and we all went together in two different cars. I took the freeway and my parents went another way. They did not want to get stuck in traffic and we did. Even though it was Saturday, everyone must have been going somewhere because the freeway was slow until we got to I-5 and went on it and I went the same route my we used to go to my psychologist or group therapy because it was on the way and I remembered the route. We drove by the two former radio stations, one of them used to be my favorite, were now vacant. The stations still exist but they are in a different location. We drove to the bridge and crossed it and went to the park that is right by it. We met up with my parents after we got out of the car and we were just getting our kids out when my dad called and waved to us. They had gotten there at the same time as us.

We all headed to the park and the entry fee is free. My mom had to stop by the restrooms and asked if I needed to go and I said no. I wonder if she forgets I wear diapers or is that her way of asking if I need to change? Perhaps it’s asked out of habit. But she was the only one that went and then we all headed to the ticket booth. Mom bought my husband and I bracelets and our son too but he got the limited one while my husband and I got the deluxe one.
The whole place was packed and there were lot of work companies there having parties and there were private parties going on by families. We did go on the rides and my son did good but it got very hot out so he started to act up and get impatient waiting in line. I had to hold him and he was crying. I was getting overwhelmed. So my parents decided to let us two be alone and they will take our kids home and have our son go on more of the rides first. My dad and I swapped bags because I needed to get some stuff out of the diaper bag, my wallet and Nintendo 3DS and games. Our daughter was naked because she got hot too and she was also fussing. Lot of people had water and there was even a spot with water spraying for people to go in and cool off and my husband and I went there about three times. I wasn’t feeling well myself, I felt tired and I felt nauseated but we still went on the bumper cars and a teenager in front of us who looked to be 15 or 16 passed out and lied on the ground. I thought she had a seizure but no it was a heat stroke and staff had to help her and she was given some water. That made me worried because I didn’t want to pass out too. Then after the bumper cars, we got on the train and then we got some water and my husband got food but when I washed my hands, a girl had thrown up in the sink and the mother had to clean it out. Then I left the restroom and I saw a park employee have a bucket with water with vomit in it and he poured it down the sewer. I did go on another ride when I no longer felt sick to my stomach. That was because I rested and had some water. I didn’t want to go on any of the spinning rides and then throw up. Then it was finally starting to cool down and more people were arriving. My husband and I were going to go on the last ride when my dad called because our daughter wouldn’t take the bottle and she was very hungry. My husband and I just left the line and headed home despite being told to take our time. I was just worried so I had to leave. I drove home like normal and we got home and our baby was sleeping but Mom told me the story about how mad she was and her whole body was red and she would suck on her boob and then get mad because nothing was coming out but she wouldn’t take the bottle. I took her from her and brought her to my room and she woke up a little and ate from me for a very long time.

So crazy day today, two people throwing up, one heat stroke, very packed and long lines, my husband and I only went on three rides after my parents left, daughter not taking the bottle so we couldn’t go on our last ride, so hot and I felt sick to my stomach. And I told my son he could go back on the same rides again after he goes on the others but he ended up not doing it because he got too hot and too tired. Last I heard, he was going back on the frog ride again when we separated to do our own thing.


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