My birthday

Today is my birthday and my parents went to the coast. They forgot about my birthday but I wasn’t offended. I forgot my husband’s so they forgot mine so it’s even now.

We went to the mall and I went to build a bear workshop. Like in my story, I selected the white Hello Kitty but I had my own experience. I selected a sound to put in her and the heart for a heart beat and she stuffed it and she puts the price tags on the tag from the sound box and the heart for the cashier to ring up. I selected a different outfit and the same shoes and I did scrub her fur and got her a pair of underwear. I wanted to get more but I didn’t want to spend too much there and wipe out our bank account. My husband let our son pick his out too and he got Spiderbear and named him that and he got a Spiderman costume with it and that was it. He also got a heartbeat for it. Then we register our bear and kitty.

We also went to hot Topic and just looked around and we went to The Disney Store and got my son a Spiderman jacket and I went to Gamestop and got a game and I thought it would be five bucks rounding but the price had changed and it was $1.99. I used my Gamestop card and it knocked it down twenty cents.

Then on the way home we got a cake and my husband forgot to buy a wine cooler or Mike’s Hard Lemonade. I was at the mall and I walk by the Oregon store and I see these drinks and I ask if they are drinks and she says yes and asked if I would like to try some and I said sure. Then she said “What beer would you like to try?” and I said “no thanks” and walked away. I didn’t want to drink any beer. My husband caught up to me and asked me what did i say and I said I told her no thanks and he said she was laughing. I asked why and he said people wouldn’t normally say that and I said why and he said lot of people drink beer. I asked him what would a person say if they didn’t drink it and found out it was beer and he didn’t know the answer.

Then we came home and our son was sleeping and I brought everything inside including the diapers I left in my trunk of my car. I brought everything up and my husband told me to lie on my bed. I did and I made him close our door in case our son woke up. I didn’t want him to come to my room and see me getting my diaper changed or us having sex. My husband lifted my skirt up and took off my wet diaper and had sex with me. Then he put a cloth diaper on me and plastic pants and let me play with my toy (the computer). We were only gone for four hours.

I got to experience my first Build A Bear. It’s expensive but worth it for special occasions like birthdays. I plan on taking my daughter there when she turns two or three.


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