So my mom helped me

My work is so incompetent. I found out not only was she supposed to send me the paperwork about when I return to work, she was also supposed to send a form for my doctor to fill out to release me back to work. When I called them about when I return t work, I told her I never got the papers from her and she told me I return to work on the 21st. So this is my last week on maternity leave. She told me I am to call my supervisor and let him know I am returning and I told her I don’t know his name or how to reach him because my other supervisor quit right before I went on maternity leave and she gave me a number to call to contact and I called that person to reach him so I could get contact information to call my new supervisor. It was just a pager number she gave me so I called and put in my phone number and hung up. Then my mom came home and asked if I ever called and I said yes and he hadn’t returned my call yet. My mom decided to butt in and she called the main building and got more information from the receptionist and I found out the rest of what she was supposed to send me. My mom somehow got the extension number for me to call her and my mom found out when she leaves by and mom let me knew and she wrote down what to say to her so first thing tomorrow, I get up and call at eight in the morning. It was as if I had to write my blog for her to help me finally. Like the time I had a meltdown when my ex boyfriend wouldn’t give me this piece Dish network wanted or they would charge me big money. Then two days later he finally calls me and asks “Do you still want the thing?’ (I don’t remember what it was called so I am calling it a thing) and I said yes and he said he was coming right over so be in the front yard. I put my robe on and go outside and he arrives and hands me the thing. It was all so simple and it was as if he saw my drama online about it and realized it was all serious for me and it was giving me tremendous anxiety and their “threat” was giving me all that distress. But you know what, that is one of the reasons why I am not with him. I don’t need to be with a person who will wait until I have a meltdown before he does something that is important to me. Anxiety sucks and so do meltdowns. I envy anyone on the spectrum who can hold them all in until they let it out but me when I do that, it gives me chest pains. I wonder if it gives them pain and they never mentioned it.

Now my mom has decided she will help me with head start. God I feel so incompetent.


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