Got a IUD

Today I had an appointment and got the mirena put in. It wasn’t bad. The worst part was when the doctor had to stick this long thing up my vagina and into my uterus to measure so he would know how to insert it. I also sweat buckets. First they had to put the thing in me they use for papsmears. They they had to open my cervix more and I hardly felt anything. It just felt ticklish inside. Then they had to measure it to see how far they have to go and then the next step was the mirena. It was real tiny and then they had to cut the string and tuck it behind the cervix and then they removed the thing. Then I told them I would need a pad now because I was bleeding and they told me there will be spotting for 3 to 6 months. I didn’t feel crampy at all after it was all over and I was given a pad. I put it inside my swim bottoms and put my pants back on and my shoes.

I went without a diaper because I knew I would have to take off my pants and I didn’t want my pull up to be seen so I wore swim bottoms there. I also didn’t leak urine or feel the urge to go. But I did have to give a urine sample and I didn’t even feel I had to go but then felt it a little when I sat on the toilet and went. They had to be sure I wasn’t pregnant. I knew I wasn’t but it’s something they do to be sure. I didn’t change into a diaper until I was home and my pad got too bloody in the middle. I still have no cramping. This all took over an hour because they had to tell me the risks and what to expect and after and having to sign the paper. Then I was given two pills for cramping so it won’t be as bad during the procedure and then I had to wait before it kicked in before they moved me to another room. Then I have handed a blanket and told me to take off my bottoms and underwear. Then I had to wait for them to come back in the room again to start.


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