My husband decided to show my common sister in law our Glacier Park photos by handing her our camera and I asked him if she had our camera and he said yes so I said I had stuff on it I didn’t want her to see and she handed it back to me before I could snatch it from her. I go through the photos and delete all my diaper photos and belly pictures because it had my naked pussy in it when I was trying to get my belly. Then I handed it back to her and told her it was safe now to look at. My husband told me a couple days later she thought I meant sex pictures. Oh well. I thought she was thinking I had naked pictures on there but no my husband said she thought I had sex photos. I guess you can consider my diaper photos my sex photos since diapers are considered a fetish. This happened on our trip and good thing I was there in the living room and over heard them talking and my husband telling them about our trip to the National Park and then it dawned on me he may have handed our camera to her so I had to ask.


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