Missing Montana

What’s funny is when I lived in Montana, I felt miserable living there but when I come back for a trip, I love it there and think I could just move back there. But then I remember I felt that way in elementary school and we moved there in seventh grade and I hated it. I was miserable the first time because I missed my friend who had Down’s syndrome. Then it was because there wasn’t much to do and you have to drive long distance to do things like shop or go to a fair. You have to drive everywhere since there is no public transportation. So I will not make the mistake by moving there again and then find out I want to move back because I am bored there and don’t like living there. Only thing I miss about Montana is the snow. They had the worse snow there in 18 years. I can remember back in 1996 when my grandfather told my parents they had been getting lot of snow and I heard about it from my parents. Then when we got to their house in May, their grass on their land was all yellow because of all the snow they have had. Then this year they had it that bad again and I heard about it on Facebook from my old high school mates I have on my friends. One of their mothers who is also on my friends posted a photo of her yard saying “Not spring weather” and it has snow all over her yard. Seeing all these snow pictures from my facebook friends made me wish I was still living there. Too bad I don’t have my old co workers on there. I don’t even know their last names so I have no way of finding them and none of them have ever tried to add me. Almost everyone there has quit now and only two remain, my old boss and co worker and everyone else is new.

I enjoy the area more when I am not living there. Second hand stores are more fun to hit and I got a bunch of video games for cheap and living there, that would get old and I wouldn’t always have money to buy any games and go anywhere due to cost of gas. Even my mom and I were talking about it and she said it would be J all over again because I would be taking my husband all over because he doesn’t drive. I told her it was different for him because he has a legitimate reason for not driving and my ex’s reason was he didn’t want to spend any money for his car or on gas because “it was cheaper” and he wanted money to spend in himself for stuff he wanted and my husband doesn’t drive due to seizures and he would love to drive but he isn’t allowed to.

My husband and I would not want to live in Montana, we both like it there but only for a vacation.


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