Glacier Park

I went up to Glacier Park with my family and my parents on July 6th. I brought an extra Molicare along just in case only to end up not needing it. The diaper last me all day until evening when I took it off and put on my swimsuit.

We also ate at the McDonald Lodge in the park and my husband got so distracted by our son, he signed the bill after he paid for our meals and left. We were already on the road when he realized the tip was never left and my parents didn’t leave one either so we went to the top. I walked around and there was still lot of snow and kids were playing in it and people carved their names and faces in it and some people were even skiing in it. They had to walk to the top of the hill and put their skies on and they would ski down. I would have walked further to the hidden lake but I didn’t want to spend a couple hours doing it and walk a couple hours back so I walked back and my husband walked around with our son and then we went back to the car and went back down to the bottom and it got hot again from 66 degrees and no more cold wind and it was 90 degree weather again and no wind. We stopped at the lodge and my mom went inside and paid the tip and the waiter was so grateful. I bet a customer has never came back just to pay a tip they forgot to pay. But it was a fun day we had and my husband had never been there and our kids got to see it but they won’t even remember it. My son might end up having vague memories of it like I do with Lake Tahoe when my parents took me there when I was three. All I remember is the tram and getting off it and my mom was carrying me in her arms and I remember walking around with an apple in my hand and I kept dropping it and getting dirt on it so I would rinse it off at the drinking fountain and play with it. I have no other memories. I also found out I was there when I was eighteen months. I wonder what we did there in the winter.
I also carried my baby around in her bjorn and left her in the car with my parents when we were at the top and we used my brother’s car. My parents paid for the gas and entry park fee and we contributed by paying for the meals.


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