Sex for the first time in four months

Boy do I have some catching up o do on this blog. I was out of town for nearly two weeks and we just got back today. Just me and my husband and our kids because my son has soccer camp tomorrow and I didn’t want to miss two classes because I am paying money for it. So we left a day early which was today and my parents got to have a childless night because my brother and his girlfriend left too with their kids and her girlfriends left too.
My husband and I arrive home after eight and he brings everything inside including our son and I take care of our daughter and then he comes upstairs and he puts her in the swing and swings it and he takes off my dress and takes off my diaper and cleans me up. Then he puts on a condom (I stopped at a gas station and he went inside and bought a pack) and he goes inside me and cums in less than a minute and then he diapers me and puts on my Hello Kitty pants and tucks me in and hands me my doll (our baby) and kisses me good night. Then that was the end of our sex play. This was what we planned for this evening when we got home and I was hoping our kids wouldn’t get in the way and they didn’t. Our son stayed asleep and our daughter stayed busy while swinging.


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