My Dad wore diapers

My dad got sick right before the trip because he got constipated and then when we got to Montana, he took some stuff to make him poop do he spent the second night in Montana pooping and it got him very dehydrated and gave him a bladder infection. I was so embarrassed when he asked me out loud in front if his brother if my diapers were cloth or disposable. I said “Dad” and he said “Cloth or disposable?” and I said quietly ‘disposable. Then he asked if he could wear one so he can go out. Since he only had diarrhea and was going to the toilet a lot, I gave him four of my pull ups for him to wear. I know with briefs, if you take them on and off, they won’t stick and it will be a waste of diaper and Molicare is expensive. I saw he did try one on and didn’t wear it so I took the rest of my pull ups back thinking he wasn’t going to be using them but instead he told me later in the day my diaper came in handy for the boat ride. I asked him if he had diarrhea and he said he peed it. I asked him why and he said he couldn’t hold it. I asked why and he said he wasn’t feeling well. That was the end of the topic because I found it very awkward to talk about with any of my parents and did he really have to tell me? My dad also lacks social skills according to my mother and he has gotten worse with them too she said. I hope mine don’t start getting bad again when I reach his age or as I get older, that better happen when I have dementia or something, not when my brain is still working. His brain is still working. He also doesn’t even care if I see him naked but I do. I don’t want to see his penis. But thank goodness he covers up when he walks in the hallway to the bathroom since it’s right in front of my bedroom door and I keep it open to hear my son. I remember the days he would get mad at me if I accidentally saw him naked because he didn’t cover up thinking I was my mom or one of my brothers.

Back on topic, then when I was gone with my husband the next day, I saw my dad got into my diapers because he left them out right in the open in my room so I put them back and counted them and saw he took none but he did take two of my pull ups so I threw the last one back in his room thinking he may still need it. Seesh, I don’t think he cares how private I am still about it because he asked me right in front of his brother and left my diapers out in my room. I don’t want any of my uncles knowing or my common sister in law or my brother and his son. I hope none of them noticed.

Oh yeah my husband told me he told my father my diapers would come in handy so he could go out with my mother and his brother and his husband.
My dad did start to feel better after seeing a doctor. He just had a bladder infection and was given pills for it. He no longer needed the diapers so he gave me back the remaining one he had left.


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