Changed my diaper in the car

The day after our country’s birthday, I went out to second hand stores and my Molicare was uncomfortable and really wet it felt like it was going to leak. So while I drove by my old school to check it out, I saw they had built a new playground equipment for the middle school and I went in the school parking lot for my high school and I decided to change my diaper. I was away from the road faraway, there were no cars around or people so I parked my car and put my seat back and pulled down my shorts and swim bottoms and took a diaper out of my purse and the wipes from the diaper bag. I took it off and cleaned up and rolled the diaper up and set it on the passenger seat and unfolded the clean diaper and put it under me and taped it on. Then I pulled my swim bottoms and shorts back up and got out of the car and I had put the diaper on tight. I did a very good job for the very first time putting it on sitting without having to lie down or stand.
Then the next step was taking the books out of the plastic bag I just bought from the second hand store in town and put my wet diaper in there and tied it up and threw it on the floor in my car and drove off.


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