Ugh, targeted again

I don’t know why is it that some people want to target me. Even autistic people are not immune to this behavior.

I have been singled out on Wrongplanet as well and treated bad there according to some members. I am glad I was not aware of it then but saw then it was okay for others to post weird threads in the adult discussion board but whenever I did, I always got a negative reaction. I sure learned then they are not immune to “NT behavior” I thought then but now I think it’s just human behavior. They are not immune to such behavior. I dealt with it in elementary school as well and have dealt with it from other individuals on the spectrum so it was like elementary school all over again. I no longer do NT bashing like I used to. I quit doing that at age 22.

Now on ADISC, someone is accusing me of doing damage to the disabled community including those with Asprger’s despite that I have dealt with it myself and anxiety and the depression. Why would someone with a disability want to target others with a disability and do whatever the man is accusing me of doing? Hence his post is not making sense. Also I was not the only one who said about people using it as an excuse and even ASD people in the thread were saying the same thing and yet this one person only targets me acting like I am the only one doing it. So I asked him why is he even targeting me and I am not the only one who has said about using it as an excuse so why not go after them too. He is acing like he never read my other posts nor others in the thread.

Sometimes I think there is something about me that makes some people want to single me out or target me. Sometimes I don’t take it personal if I see them doing it to others because then it means it was just random, not that they were specifically targeting me and it was just a coincidence.



I noticed the person had posted again but in another thread and he did not respond to my post in the thread where he claimed i was doing damage to the disabled community. I notice people never admit to what they are doing when you call them out on them targeting you. I feel relieved he is leaving me alone. I wish all kids did when I was growing up. Just back off and leave me be. That was what I wanted too. But instead they would keep on harassing me until I would snap and hit them or shove them and be the one in trouble. The adults didn’t care if I was being bothered. Plus we have laws about harassment and shouldn’t they have been teaching them it’s unacceptable? That is what being a kid is all about, learning about the real world and getting prepared for it. I would have probably been charged with assault if I were an adult. I wonder if that was their intent when they punished me but all it did was it taught me “I am different and deserve to be treated like crap. I am to let other kids bug me and take the crap because I am Beth and god put me here so everyone has someone to pick on and I am not allowed to defend myself.” Yeah no wonder I was depressed and hated myself and wished I was normal. I remember I even wanted to kill myself because I didn’t like it at all and I nearly got hospitalized for it once when I said I was going to do it. Then my mom decided all I needed was love and attention than being locked away so my dad took me home before I was checked in.

I did go away on a trip so maybe this has something to do with it. I wasn’t there for him to bother me and if he notices me on the forum again, I hope he will still leave me alone even if he doesn’t say why he picked me. I was curious before why he was doing it but now I don’t care. Drama is in the past and over with. It’s funny how someone can sound like a nice person and make great posts but then they all of a sudden target you. It’s like they change personality all of a sudden. I remember as a kid, kids would be mean to me but be nice to other kids. My mom said they were just mean kids. Some people are selective about their victims while some may do it to everyone. I am less concerned about a person doing their crap to everyone than to me only. Then there are some people out there who are selective about who they are nice to and I knew a boy like that in my neighborhood. Even he would be nice to me on occasion and that was the only time I ever liked him. but it was always confusing why he would be nice to me and my therapist in high school helped me figure it out. It was because he had no one to play with and everyone was doing other things and I was alone so he played with me and he had to be nice to me to play with me so he got what he wanted and it had to be nice to me to get it and that was playing with me. Then when he didn’t need me, he was back to normal again.

But hey, that is probably why people leave forums when they get bullied or get picked on, it gets them away from the drama and then they come back and everyone has moved on by then and have no interest in continuing the drama where they left off. I have done it before a few times and I hear lot of people do this. So the vacation made me take a break from the place and I went back and there was no continue drama. I wasn’t even on planning to continue it even if he did respond because it would have been over a week ago or something. Maybe sooner since it took him about a week to respond to my post the first time after he did once and deleted it before I saw it so I figured he probably took back what he said and maybe misread and deleted it before I could see it but then decided to respond again a week later and left it this time. Just weird.

Another update: I noticed he was on my friends list and I was puzzled about it. I didn’t bother removing him as a friend because I couldn’t be arsed to do it because I didn’t feel like it and would later when I get around to it. Days past and I keep forgetting and then I finally see him again in a thread and thought “finally, I can do it now” so I go to his profile and it says “add as a friend” and I go to my profile and go to friends and view my friends list so sure enough he wasn’t even listed. I figured he must have removed me before I did and I thought “good. At least he is leaving me alone and I don’t have to worry about him.” I barely see him on the board anyway. But this is some strange situation. There will be things I will never understand about people.

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  1. There is always going to be that one person who has an opinion on everything and loves to tough talk people- but only on the internet. They would never dare say in real life the things they say while hiding behind their computer. I wouldn’t give bullies and cowards a second though.

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