Going on a trip again

Tomorrow we are leaving early in the morning. I lost my phone and haven’t found it. But my husband has a phone and I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up because I wake up anyway and it’s always six in the morning, sometimes later. I will also be wearing diapers as always and this time I don’t need to bring a bunch like last time. Last time I only went through a pack and I spent most of my time in a swim suit due to swimming and just staying in my swim suit. I might also bring pull ups too just in case. I am still packing and will work more on it after this blog. The trip will be different this time because my aunt and uncle are in Hawaii so they won’t make it, my gay uncles won’t stay long nor my brother and his girlfriend and my mom’s brother and his girlfriend won’t make it either due to work. It will just be my family and my parents and my brother and his family. Yay I just called my husband and I and our kids my family than my parents and my other relatives and my brother and his common wife and their kids. The thing I hate about packing is trying to figure it all out what to bring and all, I started yesterday and did some today. I might not bring the stroller and I can just wear my baby. The stroller takes up too much space and I need it for my suitcase. and other things. I am also making a list of what to bring so I won’t forget anything. I am not sure when we will be back but they say the 12th but I want to be back sooner so my son isn’t missing two soccer classes I signed him up for. He went the first time and he liked it but he doesn’t like to follow directions or do warm ups. He saw some of the game on TV today with his grandfather and I think he will be playing soccer when he is older. He does like the sport because he likes to kick the ball and play with it.


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