I have been buying ebooks since April and I have been addicted to buying and downloading free ebooks since signing up for Bookbub. I am always hoping to find deals on books I have on my Nook for samples and I got to buy one of them for $1.99 when the deal came out for it. But I haven’t started reading any of them yet except I read a couple already. I downloaded the teen Dora book that was free download and read it. I also recently bought Junie B Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus for $1.99 and that is a classic for me. I read it several times in my teens and I remember seeing that book for the first time in my class in 6th grade but didn’t get to read it all. I am also signed up on another website for ebook deals and free downloads and have downloaded a few books from it but never bought any bargain books from it. It always takes me to the Barnes & Noble site to download the books. I also downloaded a free application and it’s a hidden objects game. I love those games.


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