Caught rinsing out my diaper

I woke up this morning in a soaking wet diaper and it was cold and uncomfortable and stingy. So I waited until my mom wasn’t in the bathroom anymore and I go in there and rinse out my soaker and diaper and then my mom comes back in and she sees me rinsing it out and my pants are down. Turns out she was about to put on her make up and hadn’t done it yet when she left the bathroom to look on Facebook with my dad. She didn’t say anything about it except asking if my plastic pants were wet and I don’t answer and then she says “No wonder they stink.” I was left speechless because I didn’t know how to answer her. They didn’t have any pee in it and they were probably damp and I didn’t know how to answer it. Then I wash my hands like always after rinsing them out and I go back to my room to clean my bottom and then put a fresh one on.


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