Parents know more than we think

Yesterday morning my mom was in the bathroom getting ready to leave with my father to look at yard sales in a neighborhood. My husband and I were going to a birthday party out of town. I was chatting with my mother and then I tell her my son pooped in his underwear the night before and I got mad about it and took his underwear away. She said, “And where do you think he learned that from?” I didn’t say anything because my son was around when we were talking. I wonder how she knew I poop in my diapers sometimes. I don’t do it in front of her or hang out in shitty diapers around her. I wonder if she has smelled it before when she came in my room or if she smelled it outside in the trash. I wanted to ask her how she knew but never got around to it and I think I already know the answer. Parents know more than we think. she also knows I like being in a wet diaper and I never even told her that either.


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