Feel like giving up

I like to write, I really do but I lose interest if people lose interest in my writing or if I don’t get any comments like other people do with their stories. It makes me feel like I am going to have a meltdown, yes over lack of comments. It hurts to see someone else get comments on their story and their main character is autistic and gets badly bullied in school while my own character has some form of it or something similar to it and she also got bullied and my story is written better than that story and bam I only get comments from lurkers while the other person gets comments from forum members who contribute to the forum and comments on stories too. Then I have it posted on dailydiapers too and only got seldom comments while other people get comments from other readers to their stories and I get none from them. It makes me think my stories are not their taste, no one cares, they are not into it so it makes me not want to share my work. Only thing that makes me keep on posting is if at least one person is enjoying it. What I don’t understand is how my thread can be hot due to so many views but have no comments from other readers except one. Why is it I only attract lurkers but not forum members who contribute to the board?

I posted a new story this month and it was a short one and I only got one comment and it had regression in it this time and daddy and little girl and the character is over 18 and I made it sexual this time and still lack of interest from members. I think I will delete it at the end of this month if no one still shows no interest. I may also delete my Incontinent Natalie story too when I get done with it and it will only be on my forum. I think that is where all my future stories will go. That way if anyone is ever interested in my work, I can link them to that board. Only people who show an interest is my online friends because they get curious and I ask them for their feedback.

Why create work and post it and get no feedback from other readers?That is just going to end in disappointment and then you feel you have wasted your time. Lot of authors feel this way and so do artists and musicians. Yeah I know we should all do it for ourselves, if we enjoy it, don’t stop.yeah do that but don’t bother showing your work to the whole world if you barely get any feedback. That will just get you very upset and disappointed.

Update: My online friend from Ohio decided to comment on my story to help make me feel better. I also got another comment on my other story from a newbie who likes daddy/little girl stories. Then yesterday someone else commented on IC Natalie giving me a compliment. So in return I decided to read his story and leave a comment as well. I looked at his history and saw he has written House Rules and I enjoyed it and I saw he used the same theme for his new story, forced diapering and humiliation and getting into deeper trouble with it. Sometimes the types people write do tell me about the author.

6 thoughts on “Feel like giving up

  1. I did not know that you wrote on Daily Diapers. What are the titles of your stories? I honestly look forward everyday to see what you may have posted and what’s going on in your life, although I rarely reply. Please don’t stop! Keep it up.

    • It was those Natalie stories I wrote. All fiction but yeah I have mixed it with real life and fantasies and feelings and thoughts and the fact I love drama so my story is filled with drama. I have always loved such movies and TV shows and reading internet drama.

      They were IC Natalie #3 and Natalie’s Birthday.

      • I also wrote Natalie vs Veronica and Natalie vs Her Parents and I didn’t know what to name the third one. It seems to be Natalie vs Kelly then to Natalie vs Chris, Natalie vs Everyone, and Natalie vs her Teacher. I have posted them on a forum so I wouldn’t have to email them to anyone since it’s a pain in the butt so it’s easier to just post it all on my board and then post the url to anyone who wants to read them. I have written others too but are no longer online and I have them on a disc than on my computer. Baby in the League is still online but it’s at fanfiction. I have my other stories there too but they are not diaper ones.

      • I hate to ask, but I could not find them on dailydiapers in the story section. Where they somewhere else or am I looking in the wrong spot. I’m really sorry to bother you.

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