Watery stool

I think I can stop taking stool softeners now because I had bad gas the other night and diarrhea. I was all filled with shit and it was not fun. I had tummy cramps and I finally pooped and it was all soft and then it was all watery. Every time I would lie down, I would get bad cramps again and I would rush to the bathroom and take my diaper off and let myself fart in the toilet and watery stool came out or just a bunch of farts. Every time I pushed, farts would come out. Then in the morning mom and I decided to head out and I get gas again and fart but instead watery poo came out while I was changing my daughter. I barely felt it but knew I messed it because I felt it come out. Then it smelled like bad farts so I had to change and I was wondering if I should just stay home or not but I knew that would upset me and it would feel like a bad day. So I decided to bring a bunch of diapers with in case I poop myself when I fart and I went to the toilet about five times that morning before leaving to get all the shit out of me and the gas. It turns out I didn’t need the diapers because I would fart in the toilet in the restrooms at the mall. My mom got a bunch of new work clothes and I got my son a new pair of shoes. They were on sale for nine bucks. I also checked out Gamstop and Build A bear and damn that place is expensive. But I still want to do it sometime, save up for it and make myself a nice Hello Kitty if they still have them by then. Then pick out a cute dress for her and shoes and bows. There weren’t lot of people there and it was a Saturday. Then I went to Barnes & Noble and read a few diaper stories on my Nook. Either they were having technical issues or my Nook is because it loaded slow and acted up. But I read some diaper stories and then deleted them. I saw they were not even worth the money to buy so that is why I would rather go to the store and read them. Too short for worth the money IMO. A total rip off. I wonder whatever happened to those comfy chairs the bookstore used to have for customers because I had to sit in the kids section where they still have those green chairs and it was awkward because there I was sitting near kids with an adult book in my hand reading and I imagined one of the parents seeing the cover and getting mad at me about it. But that didn’t happen because I tried to keep it discreet and I finally turned the chair around so my back would be facing the wall and my Nook color is facing the wall too so no one could see what I was reading.

Okay back on topic, I did poop some stool at the mall and I wondered if it was the stool softeners that did it. I did try doing some research about it and it said to take them until the constipation is better so I assume it means you don’t take them forever. You stop when your stool is better and mine got better but it was getting too soft and then watery and made me get filled with air. Plus I don’t want my body to get dependent on them.


4 thoughts on “Watery stool

  1. Hello, my name is aaron and i found your link through abkingdom and your site is in my favorite links i look to see if you have posted any new blogs every two to three days and i love reading them so please dont give up. Now heres a little about me i live in punta gorda Florida i grew up here and lived in the area all my life im 32 years old

    • It cut me off lol. Anyways ive been into diapers since i was probably about 12 years old i dont know what triggered my facination with them but its there and its not going anywhere as far as i can see. Im married to a wonderful woman and have two kids . Unfortunately my wife hates diapers and doesnt like to wear them and i would more prefer her to wear more than me but oh well im not forcing it on her i dont want her to do it if she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it anyways i love your stories and i would hate to see you stop thank you for sharing your life with us all and i hope to see more thank you again.

      • My blog is on AB Kingdom? Cool. I don’t even go to that place nor have ever been a member there. Did someone post my link there to share?

        My daddy/husband doesn’t like to wear them either unless I put one on him. At least yours still lets you wear them.

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