Feeling better

Today I am feeling better. No nausea and tiredness. I was feeling rotten yesterday. I woke up with nausea after not getting much sleep because my daughter wouldn’t go to sleep and stay asleep. I just put the nausea feeling to hunger because that is what happens when I am beyond starving and I figured making more breast milk had something to do with it. So I had a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. But then feeling got worse so I rested and I felt like I was going to throw up. Plus I was tired from lack of sleep. My husband helped out by watching our son and my parents helped out by watching my daughter. Then a few hours later I woke up feeling worse so I got out of bed and the vomit came up to my throat so quick I got some on the bathroom floor and on the toilet seat but i got the rest in the potty. I didn’t have time to flush it to get the pee out so I kept my head way above the toilet and it was a lot of vomit. Then I no longer felt sick and tired. But then I got tired again not too long later but didn’t get nausea again. But I was too afraid to eat anything so I had Coca Cola Zero and I drank water all day long to get rid of the hunger feeling. I didn’t get sick again and I ended up having grapes to see how it goes and I didn’t get sick again and then I ate the rest of my son’s bagel. So that was all I had to eat yesterday and I lost a couple pounds. Not good for my milk supply.


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