So many video games this month

I gave bought some new games this month. Okay they are nit truly new but you know what I mean. The first game I got was Sonic Colors for my Nintendo DS and I got it from a kid I know. He was selling some of his DS games. I couldn’t buy it on Memorial Day because we didn’t have any checks or cash. So when I got paid this month, my husband had to go and get some medicine from them so he got the game too for me and brought it home with him. Then few days ago I went to Gamestop when we went to the mall and I got Koroinpa and The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Then it turned out I already had the koroinpa game so I took it back yesterday and swapped it for the game I actually wanted which was Marble Mania: Koroinpa. I had to go to the website first to see what store had that game and the one near us did so I went to that one and swapped it. That is a great thing about their website. If there is any game you are looking for, just go online to see which store has it and go to that one so that is what I did. Then I got home and looked again and saw that store was no longer listed for that game. That’s how fast they update it. I also bought Gummy Bears Mini Golf on ebay last night and it was under ten bucks.Then today I finally pushed the keep button on Gamefly for Mario Kart 8 since we have the money in the bank. Now they can ship out my husband’s game for him to play. The new MK game is like the one for 3DS because of the layout and you unlock characters from winning cups in first place and you unlock new vehicles and wheels and sails from earning coins in the races. I have unlocked six characters so far and trying to get in first place is a pain in the butt. It’s not bad for 50cc but I see how hard it is sometimes to stay in 1st place even with that speed so imagine how hard it will be with 100cc or with 150cc. But I had no problems staying in first with the retro courses but do with the WiiU courses. But I still got 1st place on all of the cups so far I have done. I played the game at night when the kids were sleeping and played it again yesterday in the day time. I would do one cup and be done but it took me longer to do because of the kids. At least my son loves to watch me play.

I can’t believe I have bought this many games already this month.and it’s only the 6th. All of them were cheap er inexpensive except for Mario Kart 8 and I got it on Gamefly because I was savings us $15 if I got it on there if I rent it and then keep instead of spending sixty bucks on the new game. I can’t believe how cheap Wii and DS games are getting now. But some are still pricey if they are Mario or Kirby, anything that is popular like with Nintendo characters. My son has been wanting to play video games but I won’t let him because I know he will have a hard time with it and will get frustrated and keep asking for my help and he still won’t get it. My youngest brother didn’t get it either at that age so maybe when my son is four he might be able to play them then since my other brother knew how at that age when we first got a Sega. But I did see him play a X Men game on his dad’s tablet so maybe he will be able to play some of my games.


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