Going through my wardrobe

I decided a few days ago to go through my clothes to see what to get rid of. Not all of them will fit over my diapers so I put on a Prevail diaper since I wear generic brand when not gone long or for only a few hours to see what pants and shorts still fit over them and also because I had a baby, the clothes might fit me different so it might affect the way they fit with a diaper. I tried lot of them on and most of them still fit and I had out very few clothes to put away. I am not quite ready to give them away so they will just be packed away and I could always give them to my daughter when she grows into them. No need to have clothes in my room that won’t fit me with a diaper on and I have them sitting right by my bed ready to be taken to the attic and put in the storage bin. I still have my underwear up there too. I haven’t bothered with bibs or dresses because I know they will fit with a disposable. When I return to work, I am going to have to put on a Molicare and try on my work pants to see how they fit. I also remember going through my clothes in Montana when I decided 24/7 and I made a diaper pile and a underwear pile. The underwear pile was clothes that couldn’t be worn with diapers and I saw I could wear most of my stuff with a diaper but some I couldn’t wear in public that visibly showed my diaper until I decided to use my bathing suit as my onesie to hide the diaper so I could wear almost all my clothes.


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