Pooping in another diaper

I have been messing my disposables more often. With stool softener,it has been easy going in my diaper because it makes my BM softer. Today I put on a Prevail and my husband and I go to the mall with our kids. We eat in the food court and then we go to the play area and my husband stops at The Dollar Tree that is right outside the mall and part of it even though it’s in a separate building. He buys stuff and I take photos of my son playing and then the battery died on me after taking three photos so I tool movies instead. Then my husband came back and our son played some more while our daughter slept in our arms and then we left and I looked in Gamestop and looked at a book on my Nook outside of Barnes & Noble while my husband and son went in the store and came out with The Very Hungry Caterpillar cookie and we all shared it. Then we headed home and we were only gone for three hours. Our son fell asleep on the way home and my game came in the mail again and it was Mario Kart 8. I am going to keep the game for 45 bucks rounding but I have to see if we have the money in the bank for it since we just paid some bills and spent some money today.

I went upstairs to my room with my daughter and diaper bag and not too long later, the urge to poop hits while I was feeding her and after she was done, I put her down and stood on my feed and let the poop out and I also gave it a push and it was nice and soft. I am going to take this diaper off anyway so what the heck. It was very easy to push out and I let it out on its own after I gave it a push and then I picked my daughter up again and sat back down and felt the mess spreading. It also stunk too after I dirtied myself. It smells like someone farted. If my poop gets too soft where it gets too diarrhea like, then I would cut back on stool softeners. I only take two a day. I used to mess myself more often back when I was 21 and 22 when I wore 24/7 too. I also took fiber to make myself go more and I always had to push it out and the poop was harder than this one. But out in public, I always pooped in the toilet. At home, in my diaper and I was always alone when I did it. My husband, then boyfriend didn’t care and would change me but not every time because he wasn’t always around to do it. He would be sleeping or at work. He once came home and changed my messy diaper on the couch while I was sleeping and I woke up from it when he pulled my pajamas down. The good times. Now it’s seldom now. He is in the basement, I am upstairs, he is in more pain so it keeps him from doing it, I don’t feel comfortable going double downstairs with a diaper and wipes in my hand and it would be hard for my husband to go double upstairs to change me. I am too lazy to even ask him to do it. I know he is in less pain now because he isn’t working. Besides I am picky about how my diapers go on. If we had the diaper sprayer attached to the toilet, I would poop in my cloth ones too like I have before. If I want, I could start taking Nullo or something so I could get away with pooping myself in public without anyone smelling it and I can enjoy my messy diaper in public and my kids wouldn’t even know what I have done. A diaper lifestyle can be expensive depending on what you want to do with it. If you want to mess yourself often and mostly use your diapers for bowel movements, you would have to take pulls for it, stool softeners and odor remover pills so you won’t have an offensive smell when you do it in public. Honestly taking stool softeners isn’t bad. I paid for them after I had my daughter to help with my constipation. They were giving them to me at the hospital and they were going to prescribe them to me but because my insurance doesn’t cover pills (medicare since I don’t have plan D), I didn’t bother with the prescription so I got them myself since I would have to pay for them anyway and they were the same kind I was given at the hospital and now it’s the new month and I till have some left. I never counted how many capsules I have left so once a month I have to buy more since I take two a day and they are not that expensive. Now if I want to shit myself in public and walk around shitty in front of my parents and my kids and around guests, I would have to take odor remover pills and take them every day and that will cost more. I think we can afford it.



I took off the diaper when my husband was rocking our son for bed. I was stinky and it was time for my shower. I took everything off including my diaper and it was a big mess. It was all soft and all over from the middle to the back and I peed it twice. It felt all soft and squishy. I rolled it up and taped it closed and left it on the floor next to my daughter’s used diaper. Then I washed the crap off in the tub and then showered. Then when I was done, I dried off and got my cloth diaper on and pajamas and socks and my bra and took the diapers downstairs and threw them away in the kitchen and took the trash out since it was full and left it in the garage. Then I put in a new trash liner. I wanted to play Mario Kart 8 so that was why I got cleaned up but my mom is watching TV down there so I have to wait.