Tena Maxi Slip review

I got these in the mail and I decided to try them. I put one on and I took some photos which I intend to share but I don’t have a SD memory card slot on my laptop nor do I have the computer accessory for it. My son lost it the next day after I got it in November because I was stupid to leave it out on the table and he woke up the next day and went down there and put it somewhere and didn’t know where he put it and it has never showed up since. Who knows what he did with it. But at least he is past that annoying stage and because I don’t have to keep my bedroom door closed anymore but I still do for precaution when I am gone.

So I put one on the night before and they feel very comfortable. The fit was good and I had it on nice and snug and they hold quite a bit too. I wore one to bed and I still wore it the next day because it could hold more and it did smell strongly but I kept it on. I also pooped in it so that made it leak when I peed more in it but I had on some plastic pants. Then I took it off around four and I saw the mess was soft and it went up my diaper a little and I rolled it up and threw it away in the diaper champ. I went into the bathroom to shower and my son decided he wanted to shower too despite he already had a bath that day so he came running upstairs and went into the bathroom after me and saw the mess between my but cheeks and said “poopy” and I didn’t know what he was talking about until he pointing to my butt. I told him I went poopy but I didn’t tell him where I did it at and I hope he didn’t figure it out. I just rinsed it out in the tub and then showered. Cleaning up isn’t bad if you wash it off in the tub. I would probably do it more often if I wore disposables 24/7.

Then after I got out of my shower, I put on the last Tena and I pee a lot this time and I probably wet it several times before going to bed and I went it once at night while in bed and then when I got up. Then I changed out of it around eight because I didn’t want to deal with the smell again and diapers do always smell if you had them on from yesterday. The diaper could have held more but I didn’t care. These are good diapers and I would love to buy more and I am looking forward to trying the cloth like kind they just started.

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