Kids are not stupid

My Tena Maxi slips came in the mail. I got a sample of them since they quit making plastic backed ones and I wanted to try them before they were gone for good.

My son saw them and was stepping on them and the package it came in and I told him to get off them. Then he pointed to the diapers saying “baby diapers” and I said “they’re not baby diapers” and tossed themaside and then he said “mommy diapers” and I said “no” again. Then I thought “Shit, he knows what they are.” I have called them underwear in the past or “pants” and he still knew what they were. Kids are not stupid and they are brutally honest at that age. No matter what I have called them, he still knew what they were. Now it means it’s time to stop dumbing down the word for them since he knows what they are so what is the point calling them briefs or underwear or pants. Plus my mom has called them diapers in front of him and he probably remembers. but I admit I thought it was cute he called them mommy diapers. It’s just a shame I can’t share this story. I can with my AB friends online and with my husband and perhaps on ADISC but I am not sure about on dailydiapers because what if members there find it creepy because they can’t separate kink from none kink and people at ADISC are more less sexual there so they can separate it. Fetlife would be the worst to tell the cute story.

I just told my husband this story and he laughed and said it mean it’s time to stop doing it in front of him. I asked him “does that mean I am not forced in them anymore” and he said “Only if you don’t want to be.” I am still curious about other 24/7 parents because I wonder how they do it with kids. Do they know about it or not, how do they not let them know about it?


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