Cloth diapers pain

Sometimes I think I really should switch to disposables full time. I just found out I make all the other clothes smell of piss because it stays in the washing machine and I make the whole house smell too. I don’t smell it because I am used to it my mom says. I felt so selfish when she told me this. All I smell on our clothes is the Tide. She gave me a tip to rinse them out before putting them in the washer so they won’t smell and stays in the fabric when I wash them. I told her I do put them on rinse cycle in the machine before washing them for real and she said it wastes water and it would save on our sewer and water bill. She told me to rinse them off in the toilet so I am doing that now and I also used the soaker to clean the inside of the bowl and now the toilet looks nice and clean. Then I ring them out and place them in the closed bucket and put the lid back on. Wearing them is like smoking or drinking and I consider myself a diaper addict or diaper junkie or diaperholic. But I still have to rinse them out after washing them to get all the soap out. Now that it’s so nice outside, I wish I could hang them outside to dry but then anyone who comes over will see them and I don’t want that and neighbors could see them too depending on where I put them and I don’t have a clothesline anyway. Maybe I can have them in my room and hang dry them in the sunlight but I would need to get a dry rack first. At least no one comes in my room.

I just seems like no matter how I wash them, the smell stays. I have tried vinegar, I am using oxy clean, I have tried rinse cycles, smell is still there. I have even tried soaking and using baking soda, washing them on the hottest setting and still use that setting. Pretty soon I will be dealing with more when I switch my daughter to cloth and those will be easier to handle because it’s like rinsing out a rag. I do wonder though how much more we are spending on water and sewer compared to how much we would be spending on disposables if I were wearing them full time.

My therapist was right, diapers are like drugs and alcohol.


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