I don’t miss being pregnant

I do not miss being pregnant. I started to get uncomfortable around 33 weeks of my pregnancy. She would hurt me when she would move her body and push against the wall of my uterus I would be grabbing my tummy where she was moving just to keep her from hurting me. My rib cage would also feel uncomfortable and in my last month of my pregnancy, I started to feel pressure down there and cramp feeling and it was before I went into labor. It was a different experience this time, more weight gain, no sore back or feeling uncomfortable with my intestines being squished, no lack of hunger, no sore legs from being on them for too long but I would get crampy in them from walking so I had to slow down for it to go away and I would also get a charlie horse. But I am happy this baby is out of me and now she is two weeks. She is different than her brother. She hardly ever spit up and she hardly ever cries and she doesn’t get much gas, she had no problems latching on and nursing and then she had very little problems, she doesn’t make lot of sounds like my son did, she doesn’t make that cute sucking sound with her mouth when she sleeps, she does poop a lot more than her brother did at this age and her poop color is different. My son’s was more light brown, hers is yellow and her cord thing fell out at five days and it bled. My son was two weeks before it fell off totally. I can already see how their personalities are different. But I did miss being pregnant with my son but with my daughter, no. She was rough with me but I forgive her. Even the labor pains were different too because they were more painful so I feel I didn’t cope as much but everyone says I did good for a natural labor. I guess for someone who was not prepared for it and never did lot of research about having a natural birth, I did good but to other moms who plan a natural birth, I did terrible.

Update: Right after I wrote this, she started spitting up more and I have worn her vomit on my nightie. I am still wearing the same one because no use dirtying more of my pajamas. Why put on a clean one if it will get dirty again? Then have more clothes to wash and fold?


5 thoughts on “I don’t miss being pregnant

  1. I see you followed my blog. You have an awesome blog. I do have Asperger’s by the way. Do you know what, no one should be in a position in which they should have to consider posing like you were considering. It’s why I question certain believes and values our country holds dear.

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