I’m so full ofshit

Warning: This blog entry contains TMI so if you don’t like hearing/reading about it, skip this entry.

My stool softener finally kicked in so I pooped a pound. I was feeling a little achy down there in my lower back area and lower abdomen and then feeling it in my butt. I was also feeling I had to go poop and it’s about to come out. I watch Dr. Phil and I had five episodes on there because I hadn’t been watching it all week. I had about 8 minutes left of the first episode when I decided to go now because the pain was getting too uncomfortable. So I go upstairs and leave my daughter on my bed and she stays asleep. I take off my diaper and sit on the toilet with my Nook and read and I wait for the shit to come out and I pooped a bunch.Long and small pieces and it was all very soft and light brown (I quit taking the iron pills). Then after I was done, I decide to weight myself and I was down to l31.4. I was at 134.6 this morning but I kept peeing and it must be the water weight my body is getting rid of. I was told on facebook by one of my old school mates me having hot flashes is my body getting rid of the water weight from the baby. I was told at my son’s appointment by the nurse my hormones are out of control because I just had a baby. It’s like being a teen again when I had hormone issues due to puberty so I always got hot too easily. Then that ended when I was 15 when I lost the weight. My boobs are also feeling better so that may have been why I was two lbs lighter when I weighed myself during the day when I was changing my diaper. They still are making lot of milk but I am not as engorged and they are no longer hard as a rock. They still feel firm but they don’t hurt when I touch them. I knew it would be today when this would end. And this morning my mom said I needed to get a bigger bra and I told her there was no point in it because this was only temporary. They will just get smaller again and then the bra will be too big. Also me pooping finally took off another pound. I think I still have more in me because I still feel some discomforts down there. I will just keep taking my stool softener. I am basically cleaning out my system.

Oh yeah I love word play so hence the entry title.




One thought on “I’m so full ofshit

  1. Hi there I’m really pleased that you are able to get some type of relief from moving your bowels & that you are feeling a lot better now than before. Yes continue to take the laxative until you know you are feeling cleaner on the inside.

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