Busy morning

Despite having a bad night, I still got up and I felt so tired but I still got up anyway and I thought I might have to ask my mom or dad to take me to my daughter’s appointment due to lack of sleep but I felt wide awake from moving around. So I ended up going alone and it was another blood drawn again and she gained 4 oz since yesterday. The nurse asked me how I was doing and I told her about my milk duct blockage and my hot flashes and constipation and being engorged. She told me to put ice on it and then a damp warm cloth and she also told me to pump for at least five minutes if my boobs gets too uncomfortable and to massage them. Same advice my mom told me this morning minus the warm cloth idea and ice. I also peed a lot too in my Wings diaper so I leaked but it wasn’t noticeable because I had on black pants and my winter coat and I stopped at Walgreens on the way home to get some Stool Softeners because being constipated makes me feel so uncomfortable. It takes away my appetite and I don’t eat as much, I get crampy and then my back starts to hurt and my abdomen and it’s uncomfortable. Those were the same feelings I had during my contractions and when my daughter was pushing on me down there. I also got some deodorant and some candy for myself. yeah I have a sweet tooth so I dove into it again. So I had went in the store with a leaky diaper and it was uncomfortable but I was on my way home and I was going to change out of it and the leak was not noticeable so I wasn’t embarrassed about it. I also noticed I was walking my normal pace and I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable down there. I do feel better down there than last time because I was more sore down there so I walked like an old lady and it took about a month for it to feel normal again. This time it’s not as bad so I might recover quicker. I am still careful when I wipe down there and shave and when I wipe. Then I got home and I had already eaten my chocolate cherry and my Junior Mints but not the other two candies. I took my stool softener and not too log later I finally went. Either the pill took that fast affect or it was a coincidence. But at least they will keep me from getting constipated. I do feel better now but I still feel more in me but that will probably come out later. I also changed into my cloth diaper and when I took off my other one, I was dripping blood and leaking urine again. I used the dry part of the diaper to wipe it off and put on a dry one. I also think my blockage is getting better because I had been massaging there and doing it as I nurse from that boob. My daughter is also peeing now finally. She had two full diapers at night and they were both soaking wet and messy. She had been messing a lot while my son didn’t do it often. For the first few days he barely peed so I wasn’t worried when my daughter wasn’t wetting often, now she is. She also went through two diapers at the appointment. The fresh one I changed her into before we left had some pee despite it being dry on the outside and looking dry and then she was wet again in the diaper I changed her into the in the office after weighing her and then she was wet again when the nurse was checking her and I was down to one last diaper in my purse (I brought two along) so she changed her into it and threw the other one away. This makes me glad I will be using cloth soon but shame I don’t know where the other diapers went that fit newborns. I know I saw them back in 2012 but I have no idea where my dad or my husband put them. I did find one pack of cloth diapers so I brought them inside while I was looking for my son’s old baby clothes to give away. I only found some of them, not all of them. I have no idea where those went either. My mom didn’t see them up in the attic when we were up there.

I am still above my pregnancy weight but I don’t mind. I am breast feeding and it took me weeks to get down to 120, maybe two months. Right now I am 8 lbs above my pre pregnancy weight and my waist measures 32 inches. It took me two weeks last time for my belly to be flat (My belly was flatter when I left the hospital, last time I looked five months pregnant or six when we left) and about a month for me to have a groove again in my waist. My belly looks flat now but if I look closely, I can still see a little curve like I am pregnant. Last time it only took me about a week to be below my pre pregnancy weight. Plus I am engorged so I am sure that is adding to my weight.


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