It happened so fast

So I gained about 23 lbs this pregnancy and I was very uncomfortable on Monday. The plumber did come and every time I stood on my feed, I would get crampy between my hips where my pelvis is. I would feel better when I sit but I still felt crampy there. I was even okay with going to the mall with my husband so our son could play in the play area there and I was going to just read on my Nook at Barnes and Noble but plans changed when our son wet himself because he refused to use the bathroom when he needed to go. Then he had to go bad all of a sudden while we were on the freeway and he didn’t make it and wet himself right when we were across from the mall so instead of going in the parking garage, I turned right and headed home. Natural consequence for him for refusing to use the bathroom when I stopped at a gas station when he said “pee pee.” I don’t let any discomforts stop me from doing my normal things. I hate limitations. I was still cranky that day and in a bad mood and my husband mostly took care of him because I couldn’t chase him around due to the state I was in. We also had a flood in the basement when I rinsed my diapers because the draining hose popped out of the new laundry sink and it got all over to the other side of the laundry room so I had to use dirty towels to wipe up the mess and it took me a while because of the discomfort I was in. I even used clean towels I found down there. Then I was finished and that evening I got more uncomfortable and I wondered if I was going into labor but the contractions were irregular so I dismissed it. They pain got worse and worse and then I was moaning from the pain and it got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore so I picked up my phone and called the hospital and told her my symptoms and she said I could come in anytime. I packed anyway and around nine I told my parents I had to go to the hospital because I was in too much pain and can’t ignore it. So my mom took me and my husband went along and my dad stayed behind with our son and my brother and his girlfriend who were over here visiting. Mom told me she figured I would have the baby that night because of the way I was acting all day and the fact she heard me moaning upstairs. Mom told me I was indeed in labor and they were getting longer and closer together. I figured the baby would be born tomorrow but I was in for a surprise.

We got there and I get dropped off at the ER and my husband walks in with me and my mom parks the car and brings in my suitcase and I get wheeled onto the 13th floor into the delivery room. I saw another pregnant woman there and she just walked and she said she thinks she is in labor and she was three days past her due date. None of my babies ever want to stay in me that long because they came out at 39 weeks but my daughter came a little later than my son did at 39 weeks.

We go in the delivery room and I get on the bed and the nurse comes in and there was no anesthesiologist because he was busy with a c section. So he came in late and I had an IV put in me and my mom took my pants off me and my pull up and saw I had red mucus in it and tossed it in the trash. I also had to do a urine sample for the nurse and it was hard to go at first because I didn’t need to go at the moment. While waiting for the anesthesiologist, the pain got sharper and worse and longer and I was worried about not getting an epidural because I hear if you wait too long, it gets too late to even get one. Two of my doctors were on the way and then finally the anesthesiologist came in and he was in the process of doing it but it was taking so dang long and I was at the point where I felt like I was going to scream from the pain and cry because the pain was so bad and I wondered how could women even do a natural delivery. How could they even stay calm in it and not scream or cry. This labor pain felt different than my son’s and the pain in this one was stronger and sharper than the last one. One of the doctors also checked my cervix and it was very thin and I was at 5 cm. With my son, I was between 3 and 4 cm when I got checked. Then I felt my water breaking because I felt fluid come out of me and onto the bed pad and it didn’t hurt at all. It just felt like I peed uncontrollably. Then I had to sit up and it was hard to scoot up on the bed a little because of the pain down there and I felt like I had to take a dump so it was uncomfortable sitting on my ass. The anesthesiologist was about to poke me in the back after he wiped the area where he was going to stick it when my doctor said I was crowning. I did feel back there and found poop on my finger and my husband wiped it off and I had to sit back in the right position and it was very uncomfortable to do. I did feel the head too. I just started pushing when I contracted and I couldn’t bare the pain and bam she came out in 15 seconds because I was looking down there and bam I saw the baby and she cried when she was all out and she like popped out fast. She still cried when placed on top of me and I tore more than with my first so it took my doctor a while to stitch me up. He had to numb me first and then he started the process while I held my daughter and nursed her.I was glad the pain was over. It all happened so fast we didn’t get the chance to take more pictures or movies and I didn’t get to see her come out of me through the mirror and I was just happy it was all over and it was still May 5th so I had her that night. I ended up having her natural and it went a lot quicker than my son’s. But I just had to peek at my daughter down there to make sure she was a girl. Last time I asked if my son was a boy because I also wanted to be sure. I sometime worry about the ultrasound person messing up with the gender because it has happened before even though it had been clear both times what I was having but I still get that worry at the back of my mind.

Not many people came to see the new baby, only my parents came and our son and not many photos were taken of her like they were with my son. My in laws and sister in law didn’t come out this time and my aunt was going to come but didn’t because she got sick and my uncle didn’t come. Our camera died while there so we didn’t get many pictures of our baby but my parents took some with their phones while there. I only took one movie when they came and visit. My son took a like to his new sister and he even kissed her on the head and rubbed her. He wanted to hold her too but we all said no. Because I didn’t have an epidural, I didn’t feel so apathetic and lazy, and I could move around easier, I could feel when I had to go pee so I went a lot, I could feel when I was hungry and I was always starving. Last time I felt nothing down there nor felt my stomach so my husband had to make sure I ate and I had to go to the bathroom every few hours to make sure I went so my bladder wouldn’t burst. I’m not as sore as I am down there like last time. I felt I had more energy to move around. I also sweat buckets during my labor because of so much pain I was in but last time I didn’t sweat as much despite feeling the contractions again after three hours of having the epidural. I also soaked my t shirt I kept on from the sweat and fluid and plus my baby was put on top of it. Last time I had on a gown. My daughter also nurses better than my son did at birth. I didn’t need the lactation nurse at all like last time.

We got to go home on Wednesday and we weren’t given a few packs of Pampers like last time or a couple packs of those huge pads. But I took the remaining what we had. I just spent the rest of my day resting and I thought I wouldn’t be as engorged as last time because I could see the milk was finally kicking in and my boobs were more firm but wrong, they got worse and worse and came to a point last night where they felt uncomfortable and sore when I push on them like last time. But it just happened gradually during the day instead of at night when I woke up in pain from my boobs. They are huge again and i can’t wait for this to end. It will be today or tomorrow. Last time it only lasted about three days or two. Luckily my daughter can still latch on and nurse. My son couldn’t last time and it would take us ten minutes for him to latch on and he wouldn’t be on it correctly so I bared with the pain while he sucked because I didn’t want to go through it all again of trying to get him to latch on. But my daughter is doing better and she has little trouble but she can do it after a few tried and it hurts a little when she nurses but I like that feeling because it means I am getting rid of some milk.

Pumping it won’t work because very little of it comes out and it will make my body make more if I do it for too long so what is the point? I also tried a hot shower and ran hot water on it and lot of it didn’t come out and barely any did so that advice is out the window. Lying down on my side still won’t make any milk come out so that advice is also out the window. I have thought about going down to the basemen and have my husband suck on one of my boobs to relieve the discomfort but I am afraid it will confuse my body. I want it to make enough for our baby, not make too much. I am surprised I didn’t get any new stretchmarks because I sure did when my boobs went through a growth spurt in 1997 and I grew three cup sizes in one year in 6th grade. Kids made fun of me about them and would ask me if I stuffed my bra. Having boobs in elementary school was not easy. Even early puberty isn’t easy either. I started at age nine so my mom made me wear these undershirts and training bras to hide my nipples that were sticking from my chest and kids thought it was a bra and make a big deal out of it. Then in fourth grade it was a relief to see other girls wearing the same thing under their shirts. They had finally caught up. They were nine year olds and I have a summer birthday so I was one of the oldest in my grade. So I was already nine when I started third grade and other kids were eight and turned nine that year. I also found out I was never in kindergarten or first grade because I was in that special program which my parents got me out of when I was eight and was placed in second grade in mainstream. So I basically skipped those grades.

Upon arriving home, I also had a good night sleep I haven’t had in a long time. I always had insomnia and couldn’t get to sleep and no matter how early I would go to bed, I would still wake up a few hours later and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now I could easily fall asleep and only woke up from my daughter crying and I would nurse her and put her back to bed and sleep again. The first night I kept her in my room because she would wake up a few minutes later after putting her to bed and I didn’t want to be sleep deprived so I had her in bed with me. The next night I put her in her own bed and she stayed asleep this time until a couple hours later. I just sleep with my door open so I could hear her. She hasn’t started spitting up yet and she doesn’t have very many wet diapers, only messy ones I have seen. She hates getting her diaper changed and getting dressed and undressed. Also so far she hasn’t started scratching herself or anyone else. Babies that young have no control over their hands so that is why they wear mittens so they won’t scratch anyone or themselves.

Now to wait for this engorgement to end. I swear these have added some extra pounds because I weighed 135 this morning but yesterday I was down to 133 unless it was from all those donuts I had. My brother got some donuts. The place he got them at makes unusual donuts. They even make one shaped like a penis and they include the balls too. I am also happy to have a daughter and I am happy my son isn’t jealous and he loves having her around but now he won’t sit on me when I ask him to and my mom says he now wants to grow up after seeing how tiny she is. Maybe that will also get him to go poopy in the potty and stop wetting himself. I am glad this pregnancy is over with and it was as if my body wanted to get rid of the baby so the labor went real fast. My husband said we got there at ten so that means I had her in an hour. I also wonder if I rushed it because I would push when I would feel I have to go poop and I wonder if that sped things up. It did not feel like pushing a watermelon out like some women have described and I felt nothing when she came out so the tearing didn’t hurt. I also felt the placenta come out a few minutes later and it didn’t hurt either. I didn’t even ask to see it because I saw it last time and it’s huge. My daughter was also an inch shorter than my son when he was born and she was 3 ounces lighter. She was so tiny but they still called her a big baby. But I thought my son looked better than she does but I still find her cute and I saw the pictures my husband took and she looked fine. All she does right now is eat and sleep so it’s not like lot of things have changed because of her. Things are still pretty much the same except I had to rest so my husband still took care of our son and I can’t do lot of movement or else I will bleed more and I am worried about my stitches coming undone and I can’t do anything with my son while I am feeding his sister. Those are about the only changes that have happened with a newborn.

Well gotta go, lost my purse again and I got a home call about having to take my daughter back in for more blood drawn. I know I brought it home.


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