I am now at 39 weeks and I still have this baby inside me. I wonder how much I weigh now. I was 148 yesterday. I am still not in labor and I get cramps down there off and on because the baby is pushing down there and I can feel pressure at the bottom of my lower back. It feels like I am getting my period or that I am constipated. I get sore standing and I get a charlie horse in my upper legs if I walk too fast. The baby pushes on my bladder too so it feels I have to go pee and I did pee a lot at night and had to change in the middle of the night and I have already soaked this one. My body seems to be making it none stop but that means I am getting rid of something and I am probably peeing off some extra weight. I probably had too much to drink and that is a good thing because it prevents false labor and cramping. Mom told me so many women don’t drink enough water, they get crampy and they think they are in labor but they are not. My mom has had patients come in who thought they were in labor only to turn out it was false.

Thank goodness the plumber is coming today, I went back to wearing cloth yesterday and the day before and the bucket is nearly full again. I nearly used up the whole package of Molicare and have one diaper left from it. I still have two unopened packs. The pack was already opened when I wore them while the washer was out of order. My mom took some stuff to the laundromat yesterday to wash my quilt and other things. She is predicting I will have my baby by this weekend because of the way I am acting. I had a bad day yesterday. Just stuff that adds up that happened during the day and it made it worse for me.



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  1. I just want to say that I look forward to your posts everyday. I love that you are who you are and are not afraid of it. Thank you for sharing!

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