Plumber won’t be here this Friday

My husband got a call from the plumber and he won’t be in until Monday due to an emergency. So more days in disposables and my son has done good keeping his pants and underwear clean and dry. I know there is always the laundromat. To my husband this is nothing because he has been through worse because he grew up poor. They have went without water and electricity, had to go to laundromats a lot. To me this “nothing” is stressful. I have a lot of clothes so they will last me longer than a week and I can always hand wash and then hang dry them on the towel rack and then throw in the dryer like I did with my diapers. Oh yeah someone told me on Dailydiapers washing adult diapers is a pain because it’s like washing a towel but washing baby diapers is easy because they are so small. They are easy to rinse and wash and less fabric.

Today is hot out so I have the fan blowing. I am sitting here naked in a robe and have a Molicare on and swim bottoms over it and have on socks and slippers watching Dr. Phil while my husband is watching our son and taking care of him. I had him all morning and I was tired and not feeling well. I was having hot flashes due to it being hot out so I turned on the fan, I am having some contractions, my upper legs and buttocks are sore, I am tired due to not enough sleep (sleeping issues), my son whining and not listening, and add that all up, what does that do to me? So finally he took him off my hands after I flipped out about unexpected expenses. My mom told me we were paying for part of the plumbing but she didn’t say anything else about other expenses so I flipped out and got stressed out over money. I felt lied to because of it. I am also on maternity leave and I wanted to do six weeks but I was told to do twelve. I am supposed to get some money every week while on it when the baby comes. I still have the paper for it my doctors need to fill out when it happens.

Ugh, I should keep a bottle of water with me because I keep getting thirsty.


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