Weird encounter with a stranger

This evening I went for my walk while my husband put our son to bed. I was walking and then some cute man approached me saying “excuse me” and then told me I looked very sexy and he said something else but I couldn’t hear because of the traffic noise. He also asked me if I had posed and I said no and kept on walking. I noticed he said nothing else so I turned and looked and saw he was walking the other way. I thought it was so weird. So he ran up to me just to tell me how good I looked and to ask me if i had posed and then turn the other way.

Then as I was passing by the elementary school that is close to our house, I heard a voice again and it was that same man again in his nice Ford Explorer in the school parking lot. He complimented me again on my body and asked me if I would like to make some money posing and I told him I was not interested. My husband would probably find that as cheating anyway if I did that. He told me he would like to see more of me because I look so hot. I told him maybe there is another woman out there who will be interested and then he apologized for offending me. I wasn’t offended, I just was not interested in posing. He didn’t pressure me or nothing. If he didn’t take no for an answer, I then would have told him I am married and I don’t think my husband would want me doing that.

I don’t know what his intentions were like was he some scout looking for women to pose or was he some predator or could he have been someone who is out looking for a baby to cut from a mother’s stomach for someone. All I know is he could have been hired to do it and I wouldn’t know, or did he want to pay me personally to pose for him? He didn’t even hand me a business card so I have no way of knowing if he is genuine or just some creep looking to pray on someone vulnerable. I know for a fact to never trust a stranger. I wouldn’t even get in a car with one or go somewhere alone with them. He could just be a rapist.

Then I got home and had a cinnamon roll and a turnover my parents bought and went in the basement to ask my husband about posing. I asked him if it would be cheating if I earned money by posing and he said yes. Just as I thought. he asked me why would I want to do that and I told him because we could use some extra money and he said he only wants me for himself and he doesn’t want anyone seeing me naked. He also told me “besides you’re pregnant” and I said “so” and he said they could go all over the internet and I only get paid once for it. I think some pregnant bodies are sexy if the woman is thin and her belly is free of stretch marks.

So it was nice being approached by a guy but I don’t know if he was safe or not and what his intentions were and I was on my walk so I didn’t want to be interrupted anyway and pulled from it and I know my husband would not appreciate me posing for others just as I suspected. I wonder if that guy would have been still interested if he discovered I wore diapers. If he had some agenda like he wanted my baby or wanted to see my body and didn’t really care or he just wanted sex, he wouldn’t care about the diaper.


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