Washing Diapers

The plumber won’t be here until Friday and it’s not good for the diapers to sit saturated for more than a few days so I had to wash them by hand and it’s time consuming. I first put them in the tub and soaked them in hot water filling the tub up. Then I let the water out and started to wash my pocket diapers one at a time. I used scalding hot water and used laundry soap and put it in the bucket I use as my diaper pail and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I started to rinse it out using warm water and kept on rinsing it until I didn’t see anymore suds. I did the same with the other one too and hung them. Then I emptied the bucket out and put in clean water and put in more laundry soap and put in the soakers next and left them sitting there. Then when the diapers were done dripping and done being soaking wet, I put them in the dryer. Then I washed the soakers next rinsing them out and hanging them up to try using the towel rack in the tub and using the platform thing we use that goes across the tub to keep our son’s toys on. I just lied the soakers across it and then soaked more soakers in the bucket. I did use a long plastic pipe and used it to stir the soakers in it and pushing them down in it to clean them so I am not using my bare hands because the water is so hot. This took me all day to do it and it’s so time consuming. My son kept bothering me and I had to kick him out of the bathroom and then I had a phone call about my health insurance and the lady asked me some questions. I had to put my son in his room and close the door because I couldn’t focus on him and the phone at once and I didn’t want to be yelling at him like I was before while washing the diapers because he was not listening to me. I didn’t want him near the tub or in it because of the diapers and he can open doors now and I don’t know how to lock the door (it’s an old house so the lock is original too) so I couldn’t lock him out. He did eventually listen when I threatened to kick him out of the bathroom if he doesn’t obey me. I don’t see how I would even have time to do with with a new baby so that is why washing them is a pain in the butt. Too time consuming. I did move the soakers to the dryer and hung up the others and then moved them to the basement and washed the other three diapers and hung them to dry. Then I left the last one soaking in the bucket. Then my mom came home and I had to rinse out the last diaper and that took longer because there seemed to be never ending suds and then I hung that diaper up to dry. Now they are still on the towel rack and I will move them to the basement soon to dry them and then no more using cloth diapers until the plumber fixes the pipe i the basement and has hooked up the new laundry sink my dad got.

Washing them is a pain in the butt. I don’t know how mothers did it the before WWII. Diaper services started during that time to save mothers time because they were housewives and took care of their kids and home while their husbands were at war. Then it ended and we kept the diaper services because it made it more convenient for moms. But we have washing machines now so that makes it easier. They had them back during WWII and I used cloth on my son and I still don’t get how time consuming it is to wash them by machine. It takes no more than a few minutes to dump the diapers in the wash and turning it on and putting in the soap. Then you just leave it. It doesn’t take long to rinse out a diaper in the toilet and we used a diaper sprayer to get the mess off. Then I would dump it in the pail. it takes no more than a few seconds to take the diapers out of the wash and putting them in the dryer and letting them dry. You just leave it. I plan on using cloth again with my daughter.


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