No laundry for a few days

This sucks. I was informed the plumber was going to fix our sink in the basement and he came today but instead he worked on our shower and fixed it. Hopefully the leaking will stop now. I was going to shower but we have to wait for the caulk to dry. I heard the plumber will be back tomorrow or Wednesday so I asked my dad about it because I heard two different things and he said end of this week, Friday. Just great. No cloth diapers and I will just have to rinse them out in the tub tomorrow and try and hand wash them and not wear them until the plumber gets back and fixes the basement. My dad got a new laundry sink because the one we had was cracked and then it stopped draining so we had the water pour on the floor to go down the drain we have that us on the ground. My mom told me last night to not do any laundry because the plumber will be here the next day and my dad says I can still do laundry but my mom doesn’t want any done because she doesn’t like water getting on the floor. It’s back to disposables now for a few days. The only stressful thing about it is my son still won’t poop in the potty but the natural consequence would be he gets no under pants since he dirtied them all and if he dirtied his sleepers and his pajamas bottoms and his other pants and he runs out before the plumber gets here, he has no clean pants to wear. He will be upset about not wearing any pants and not being able to go anywhere but that is what happens when he refused to go in the potty and gets his pants all dirty from it. Plus I have blankets I need to wash because dust and stuff got all over them from when the plumber had to cut open the wall and cut inside there to fix the plumbing. I even just discovered my son’s handmade baby blanket needs washing too but I will toss it in the dirty pile when the plumbing gets fixed. I hate the thought of dirty clothes getting all piled up and we can’t wash them. I could hand wash but it’s too time consuming and we have no dry rack. Who know, maybe this will get my son to poop in the potty instead of holding it after learning he couldn’t wear his big boy underwear and running out of pajama bottoms and sleepers and pants because he got them all dirty. Or I might just get so desperate and do the stinking laundry because the dirty clothes piles are driving me crazy and the fact my wet diapers would be sitting in the pail for a few days which is bad for the diapers. My mom would be at work so how is she going to even know? I would just have to remember to go to the basement to check on it to see if they are done so I can put a new load in.

Oh yeah my dad was going to plant trees and then he remembered he wouldn’t be able to shower so he didn’t get it done.


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