Parent Martyrdom does not impress me

This is another one of my politically incorrect opinions and unpopular.

I think it’s stupid to not get medical attention because you don’t want to be away from your kids. I read an article here

and the 29 year old mother died leaving behind seven children and her husband. Now they are left without a mother and the father is left as a single father. I feel sorry for him and the kids but the thought of parents having to be martyrs and people thinking you have to harm yourself to care for your kids is stupid and when a parent does seek medical help leaving their kids in care of someone else like with their grandparents or friend or neighbor or whoever, that parent gets judged for it. When my husband badly hurt his back, he was not getting better, I was under lot of pressure and wasn’t doing good either so my parents helped us out by coming out here to get him and bringing him back to Montana. Yeah we got judged for that and one man accused us of handing him off to someone until things are better saying you don’t do that as a parent and he said he would cry if he had to be away from his son for a night in the hospital. My mom says to that those people do not love their kids enough. Please note, lot of these people were not parents and only two of them were. So yeah I judge people harshly who play the martyr and neglect their own health just because they don’t want to be away from their kids. But don’t they ever think about their life and if it’s better their kids go without a parent?

So to all the parents out there, if you are in need of medical treatment and you are refusing to go to the hospital because your excuse is you have to take care of your kids and you won’t leave them in care of someone else or even let your partner watch them because you don’t want to be away from them, you’re an idiot. The only exception is if you had no one to help you out so you were forced to neglect your health, then I will feel sorry for you. You judge me for letting my parents come and have our kid for a while, I will judge you for not “handing” your kid off to someone until you are better.




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