Dr. Phil

I love watching that show. I don’t always agree with what he says and he can be harsh because he is not PC but other times he is so understanding and says things that are so right like the time he told Amy and her husband from Kitchen Nightmares about if they keep getting upset about the negative comments posted online, they are winning.

But the show that aired yesterday was about this couple trying to adopt and they were so desperate for a baby, they posted an ad on Craigslist about wanting to adopt and this one lady named Denette contacted them. She was pregnant duet o being raped she said and the rapist was behind bars for it. They kept in touch for months and Denette showed photos to Max and Monica and then she was supposed to fly to their area to have the baby there but instead she went into early labor and had a girl and ended up with twins. The girl weighed nine lbs and the boy weighed only two pounds. My mom knew it was all BS and it didn’t add up. I thought the couple were crazy for spending $40,000 getting ready for their babies. They bought a new house, a new car, bought fancy baby gear, bought a bunch of baby clothes and they had more stuff than I have for my new baby. It was mostly Monica that did it all. I thought they must be rich to afford such a nice nursery and have that big of wardrobe and buying a new home and car but they said they weren’t wealthy. Did they put themselves into debt? Also if they can’t afford an adoption, how on earth could they spend $40,000?

So when she had the twins in the hospital, the rapist got out of jail and wanted custody over them so he was going to court and the babies were held in custody and Monica and Max were still waiting to get them and it had been two months after they were born and they were on the show finally about it.

I did feel sorry for this couple because they were scammed and Denette didn’t ask them for any money and they never sent her any but they did spend their own money getting ready for these babies. I also felt a little sorry for Denette because she had a dysfunctional life so she was lonely and she wanted a friend so she made it all up that she was pregnant. But the lie grew and grew and she didn’t know how to tell them she wasn’t pregnant so she started making up stories like cancer and the daughter having possible autism, having an extra baby, so they wouldn’t want the baby anymore but these couple still wanted to go with the adoption. But but but, if Denette wanted a friend so bad, why didn’t she just join a forum or something? Even Monica said why didn’t she just join Facebook. All this woman said was she was sorry but she acted like it was no big deal what she did. I don’t think she really gets it. The pain she put this couple through and how she got them excited for the baby and then a son that don’t even exist and then to find out they were made up. Sure she didn’t make them spend their money on getting ready for them but she led them on and she had the power to stop it any time and a lot sooner before it got this far. All she had to do was confess saying she made it all up and she isn’t pregnant and she just wanted attention because she is lonely and wants a friend and the couple wouldn’t have wasted all their money and time. I am sure they would have still been disappointed but at least they wouldn’t be hurt and devastated like they had lost their babies and money wouldn’t have been wasted. It took her to get on the show just to confess it and she was angry at them about it. Then she didn’t want Max to yell at her about it and I thought “Are you kidding me?” I just don’t think she gets it and Dr. Phil said she needed help and will give it to her. As for the couple, they will get a baby after all and Dr. Phil will pay for the adoption. Some guy was there in the audience from the Adoption Agency founded in 1959 and he said they will waive the adoption fees and get them a baby for them to adopt. I felt happy for them. I looked on Facebook about the TV show and I don’t agree about Denette should be in jail. She didn’t really break he law because she didn’t involve any money but what she did was abhorrent and not healthy and I thought what she did was very selfish. I also thought it was foolish to try and adopt outside the agency so some people were saying on Facebook they deserved it and it was their fault and others were saying both of them were wrong. I thought Monica went overboard with the baby stuff because they grow so fast so they don’t need so much clothes. They won’t be able to wear half of them because they will outgrow them before they could wear it and that is what happens when parents have so many baby clothes. Yeah they are cute so it can be tempting to keep buying buying buying and what stops me from doing it is money. I already think I have enough newborn and 0-3 month girl clothes so I quit buying them. I can just wash them when I run low on them and will be doing laundry more often. With my son, I had so much baby clothes, I could go a month without washing any and they do go through several outfits a day because they spit up. Most of them were given to me so that was why I had so much. I just made sure he wore a different outfit every day so he could get the chance to wear them them before he grows out of them. I will do the same with my daughter too.

I know how it feels to want a baby so bad and how it feels to lose one because I have had a miscarriage so I can imagine what it must be like to have a stillborn or lose one in the middle of your pregnancy or when the birth mother decides to keep her baby and when you find out the whole adoption thing was a scam. It is like losing a baby when the birth mom decides to keep it or when it was all a scam. I have also seen a movie about a adoption scam thing. This couple was pregnant and they had a one year old with Down’s syndrome and the mother was pregnant. They were putting the baby up for an adoption so this couple who was going to adopt it, they were truly scammed out of money because the couple would ask for money and so the couple who was going to adopt their baby would write them checks to help them out. Then the mother has her baby and the couple arrive at the hotel to pick their baby up only to find them gone. It turns out someone else was going to adopt their baby too and they were also victims of a scam. I forget how the movie goes and it was a movie I saw back in high school. I don’t remember what it was called and I remember the mom’s name was Leanne. They had used their unborn child to get money by pretending to put it up for an adoption. That is why you use agencies than trying to do it personal.


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