Baby Shower

I feel I have a lot to write but it’s all different subjects,

Today was the baby shower and it turned out well and it was better than the last one I had for my son when my aunt hosted it. This time it was my mother that did and she told me on Easter it was this Saturday so I got on Facebook and posted the private event and invited five people, my aunt, my sister in law and mother in law, my old friend’s mother and grandmother. My mom invited my common sister in law and my husband invited someone who is a friend of his parents. Only four couldn’t make it. The friend’s grandmother couldn’t make it because of steps we have and I offered to have it outside but she didn’t want to come so she didn’t. My mother in law fell last night and hurt her foot so she couldn’t make it, the friend of my husband’s parents didn’t come for some reason and my common sister in law had school and had to work. But everyone else showed up and my old friend came and she brought her kids along and my niece came too with my sister in law. My husband was going to take our son out while we had the shower but plans changed when the friend brought her kids. I was expecting she would bring her baby because she is breast feeding and I was hoping she would bring her kids too and she did. ll the kids played and had fun and it got my husband to clean his room in the basement so the kids could play video games in there. They also played outside on the swing set and played with my son’s dump trucks. My husband was worried about the older boy playing rough but out son is rough so him playing with bigger kids is good for him. The friend’s kids are four and seven and two months. The two month old stayed with his mother the whole time because he is a baby. My nephew is afraid of his cousin (my son) because he tends to get rough when he plays.

My mom got stuff from The Dollar Tree for the shower and she set it all up this morning and made food and she had bought a small cake that was rectangular and it was very rich. It had lot of frosting and filling and jelly in the middle. We also cleaned but my mom did most of the work.

We also played games and my aunt won because she wrote down more lines to the Nursery Rhyme lyrics and I only wrote one line because that is what the instructions said. But I didn’t care because I didn’t need chocolate and that was the prize my aunt won. We also did the Baby Pool and the name matching game for the meaning of the names. I also ate a shit load of food and I didn’t even know I was that hungry and I can’t believe I ate so much given how small my stomach is now because of the baby. But then I felt sick afterwards like I was going to throw up and now I am feeling constipated. I shouldn’t have eaten so much food. I also opened the gifts and liked all the presents. I got a pack of diapers and lot of clothes, two pacifiers, ointment cream, photo frame, spoons and forks, wipes, socks, hat, receiving blankets, crib bumper, and then my common sister in law showed up after all the games had been played and presents being opened and she came with a big laundry hamper and it had gifts in it and hey had two pictures, hooded towel, stickers to put on the wall, shoes,, clothes, crib sheets, and she only stayed for a few minutes because she wanted to be home with her kids and my brother had been up with them all night and she had been gone all day and she wanted to be home with them.

Almost all the food had been eaten up because when I was cleaning the kitchen and clearing the dining room table, I scooped the rest of the food in the container and put it in the fridge and put the dirty dishes in the sink. I also put other dirty dishes in the dishwasher and scooped table scraps in the small compost bin and rinsed off the plates and my husband expected me to sit down and rest but I wanted to clean up because my mom did all the cooking so I wanted to do my share and it was to give me some activity to do to be active. I also gave my son’s old baby clothes to my old friend but sadly he wanted his Cars shoes and my mom said he was not ready to give them up and we told him they were too small but we let him keep them. They didn’t take the toddler clothes though due to limited room in their car but it was three bags of them and a whole Huggies box of them. It felt good to give them away. My mom was surprised I cleaned the kitchen for her and it wasn’t much because there wasn’t lot of food cooked or made and we didn’t have lot of dirty dishes. My son was upset the kids were leaving so I let him say good bye to them and he was upset when he had to stop playing with them because he pooped his pants so my husband brought him inside and cleaned him up upstairs and put cleaned clothes on him and by the time they were done, the kids were leaving. I saw it as a punishment for him, a natural consequence, so we didn’t even need to punish him for pooping his pants. He refuses to go #2 in the potty. We were talking about that during the baby shower and my mom said how hard I was to train until I saw the mess my brother made in his diaper and I thought it was gross and bam I was toilet trained within three days. My old friend said her son was not trained until he was nearly four but yet her daughter was out of them at 22 months. Mom was given suggestions like keeping our son in his pooy pants and she said we all tried that and it didn’t work. He is just stubborn. When he pooped his pants again after everyone left, it went down his legs (he had no underwear on) and it was on the floor so I made him pick it up and he said “ew” and I told him it’s his mess, he made it, he cleans it so pick it up and put it in the toilet. he listened and dumped it in the toilet and he thought it was so gross he had to touch it. Then I had him flush it and I washed his hand in the kitchen sink and my son thought it was all gross so my mom told him to go in the toilet next time. I wondered if I went over the line with my parenting but my mom said I didn’t and it was good what i did. Then I had to take his pants off and throw them down the chute and I had to clean his legs up and put clean pants on him and he wanted pajama bottoms so I let him wear those.

I don’t normally do this good in social situations but i did for this shower and my mom said it was because of people I know so I felt more comfortable and last time at my shower, I felt overwhelmed like i was going to scream because it got a little loud and chaotic and it became a good thing almost no one showed up except for my sister in law and mother in law and an old friend of my parents and my uncle stayed and so did my cousin and her boyfriend so it made eight of us total. And I was nervous again lot of people wouldn’t show up and I was glad my sister in law did and my niece came, she didn’t come last time but she is older now so she came this time. My old friend cam this time and her mother. It was more calm and not noisy so I didn’t get overwhelmed.



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