sometimes I think I am not over my past relationships. Every time something reminds me of my ex, I get these strong feelings again and flashbacks. My husband is the sort of person where when he gets an idea in his head, he has to do it now and it’s hard for me because it reminds me of *Harry. Harry was someone who would get an idea in his head and would have to do it now and not be able to relax so he would keep bothering you until it got done and it would drive me into having anxiety. Mom told me my husband is nothing like him so don’t even compare him to him and I kept saying sorry but every time someone shares the same personalty characteristics as my ex, it brings back memories and I don’t like it. I don’t like being reminded about it. Mom told me we all want to do things now when we get an idea in our head but the difference is we don’t impose it on other people like he did. When my husband wants to do things now, he gives me a warning and he will go grocery shopping alone and ask me to come pick him up and then he calls me to tell me. He tells me all this before it does it so I have time to prepare for it instead of just dumping it on me and I get all stressed out.


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