Lying at the appointment

I had another doctor’s appointment and it was not a transfusion this time, it was my prenatal care appointment. I had to see a different doctor because my doctors are both out of town. I had to do a urine test and because I had just went when I got there, I had to wait a few minutes to go again when they gave me a cup to pee in. Then once I felt an urge again to pee, I went to the bathroom and went and then I peed a little in my pull up after I was done going. I have been doing that since high school, wetting a little in my pants after going.

Then I bring it back and wait for the doctor to come back and it’s a nurse this time and she checks my belly and measures it and hears the heart beat. I tried to hide my pull up but she noticed it when she started to fiddle with my maternity pants and called it a diaper and asked me if I was leaking. I said I was. I wasn’t going to tell her I was a DL and I like to wear them. She asked if it was little or a lot and I said a little and she asked about pads or do I like better protection. I told her I got them at Goodwill (which is the truth) and they are cheap and I am a cheap person and she said Goodwill is always a great place, she loves going there too. I also told her the baby pushes on my bladder (also the truth) and I do leak which is also the truth. I have been leaking since I had my son but it’s never been all the time or a lot. Only off and on. I remember I would walk with a dam crotch when pee would decide to drip out of me. I used to just head to the bathroom and get some toilet paper and use it to catch the drips. I could just be wearing pads only for these incidents. And my husband says I can’t lie? He says I am not good at it. I don’t think lot of people are good at it because they do get caught eventually because they forget their own details and their stories sound implausible. You have to be gullible to believe them and have to be focused on details they say about themselves. Having a bad memory is one thing and not being able to remember the details or the incident well but if they completely change their story, now that is suspect. I am not quick to call people liars. I am someone who always gives the benefit of the doubt. I am not someone who can tell when someone is lying unless it’s really that obvious. I knew my pesky neighbor was lying when he told me he always had his bike chained to the mail boxes when he would go to school. I never saw any bike chained to our mail boxes so I knew that was a lie. He went to school before me because he took the bus which was over an hour long since we lived in a small town and country and I always drove to school when I got my license so I drove to school a half hour before it started and I never saw any bike chained to our mail boxes. So that was how I knew he was full of it. That’s when I can tell because it’s that obvious.

Leaking urine is common in pregnancy anyway and having accidents. I remember seeing a thread on Babycenter about cutting in lines in restrooms when you have to go bad and someone wrote if someone cannot hold it, they should be wearing a diaper and another person called her ignorant for that. I actually agree with her. If you can’t wait in line, wear a diaper if you can’t hold it. There is no excuse for rude behavior. Some people wear them on long car rides because they cannot hold it or they wear them if they have to wait in long lines for hours and I read about people wearing them at the Times Square to watch the ball drop because they will be shut in by other people and will be there for hours and once you get out of there, it’s impossible to get back in. I also read about pilots wearing them, deep sea divers, truck drivers, students who have to take some EXAM and there will be no potty break, people who work security at night and there are no potty breaks until their break comes, some cashiers wearing them due to no breaks until break time so that means they cannot go to the bathroom, and some people wearing them on jobs where there is no potty break until break time. Not everyone can hold it because when they gotta go, they gotta go so they wear a diaper then for it. I call those people mature and responsible. Do I think this way because I like diapers?

But women on Babycenter wrote to the “ignorant” person how people will not wear a diaper because they find it humiliating. I think it’s more humiliating to have accidents and have everyone know what you did than wearing a diaper. At least no one cares about your big butt or the bulge they see and they are really not paying attention so they wouldn’t even notice you having one on. It was so tempting to write I have no problems wearing them but I didn’t want to post about my life style on there and I didn’t want to lie about my reason for wearing them.

Also I have read about some women wearing a diaper for in case their water breaks and wearing one on the way to the hospital while in labor in case their water breaks. Some others use a trash bag by putting it on the seat and sit on it. But I read in a blog it’s actually rare for it to happen before you get there, movies just make it look so common because it’s Hollywood. They always exaggerate and having a delivery is nothing like you see on TV. It’s all calm and quiet and not many people are in the room like you see in movies. I think they do it for the drama. Then another thing, after the woman has her baby, her body looks all normal again like she never even had a baby. That is true for some women in real life to but it usually doesn’t work that way for most women in the real world so count yourself lucky if you were in the minority of getting your body back in less than a month and being free from stretch marks and saggy skin and all and fitting back into your regular clothes again in no time.

And I have read about some pregnant women wearing diapers and I kept hearing in the AB/DL community it’s pretty common. I know my mom just wore a pad when she kept piddling her pants because my brother kept kicking her and it would make her leak urine. I always see a used pad at work when I clean the restrooms near the daycare and I always wonder if it’s worn by a pregnant woman or by a postpartum mother since incontinence is also common after childbirth. I don’t consider myself incontinent over leaking urine sometimes.


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