Holding it part 2

I woke up this morning before six and pooped in my diaper again because I felt I had to go again. Then I peed more in it and I put on a pair of plastic pants because I wasn’t sure of the diaper would leak. Poop does interfere with the diaper performance. I soaked the entire front and middle and it did leak when I decided it was time to change. I couldn’t smell a thing due to a cold I have and I took it off in the bathroom so my son wouldn’t see. We’re trying to get him to poop in the potty so the last thing he needs to see is his mom shitting herself. I took the diaper off and little bit of my poop fell on my plastic pants and I used a piece of my Hello Kitty toilet paper my cousin got me for Christmas last year and picked it up and dumped it in the toilet and I threw the diaper away in my diaper champ I took in the bathroom. Then I used a washcloth and wiped myself clean. I did smell it finally when I took off my plastic pants. I could still feel some BM in me so I sat on the toilet to try and get the rest out but couldn’t so I figured I might go again later when the pressure builds up again. Then I put on a fresh cloth diaper with two soakers and wiped the poo off the plastic pants and put those on and my pajamas again and had my breakfast and took my pills again. I always toss the used wash cloth down the chute after each use because it has poo on it so I did that before putting a fresh diaper on again. Yes the diaper did indeed leak because the outside around my legs were damp so Molicares can leak if you poop in them and don’t change it and you peed in it more.


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