Holding it

I go into work and I feel the urge to poo but I keep on working holding it. No way am I going to do it there and come home messy. I may work alone and there may be no one around but there are people around then when I go home because they are at the stop and on the train and I don’t want to walk around smelling like shit. I was hoping I wouldn’t get constipated because when I hold it for too long, it makes me constipated. I get home and I feel the strong urge again so I pushed it out while I was in the kitchen when I took my pills. It didn’t feel like a big one again and it was stuck in my butt again but the cramping was gone. Then I came upstairs with my diaper champ I had out in the garage I emptied out when I got home and I had my purse with me and I brought them to my room and closed my curtains and got undressed and put my pajamas on. I’ve been full of shit lately. I pooped on Easter night, pooped again yesterday and then again today when I got home.


One thought on “Holding it

  1. Yea when you get constipated it’s very cruel as I’m always having some problems in that area as I’m on a lot of medication from the doctor & hospital. Hope you get relief.

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