Tomorrow is my last transfusion and I wonder what my blood pressure will be. They always check it first before injecting the needle into me.

I pooped in my diaper again and it was in a Molicare this time. I came home from work not feeling well. My legs were sore and my belly was sore too and I felt like I was having menstrual cramps so I had no appetite because of it. Then in my room I was on the computer and I had to poop so I stood up and waited for it to come and I gave it a push and it came out but it felt it stayed in my butt crack. But I felt better after that. The cramping was gone. I also pooped this morning in the toilet and I pooped in my diaper last night. I wore a disposable because we had company over and I didn’t want to walk around with a big butt. My aunt and uncle were there and so were my brother and his common wife and their kids. This time I got to see the Easter Egg hunt. I missed it last year because I was in my room and no one told me they were doing it so i didn’t get to take movies or take pictures but this time I did because I happened to be outside enjoying the nice weather and playing my Nintendo 3DS while my son played outside with his cousin. Then I put the game on pause and took movies of them looking for the eggs.

I am now at 37 weeks and have gained 20 lbs already. I wonder if all that sugar I had made me put on a pound or two. It is Easter. Today I didn’t have much of it. Just a few Jelly beans and a small piece of pumpkin pie with whipping cream a few chocolates a co worker gave me at work and some candy eggs when I got home, I am not sure that they are called. The doctor did say you gain the most weight at the end of your pregnancy. I gained seven pounds last time in my last month of it. I can’t wait until I have this baby, I feel so fat. I felt that way last time too in my last month of it. I felt like a cow. This time I just feel fat and lot of my shirts don’t cover my belly anymore I have to wear these long huge shirts I kept fortunately and my mom gave me a couple of her dresses I could wear. My medium diapers still fit. Hopefully my weight will come off quickly like it did last time. It just happened naturally. I didn’t diet or exercise. I did go for my walks still and I would have my son on the bjorn and have him under my coat and had it zipped up to keep him warm. Sometimes I miss him being that young because it brings back memories when I first had him. I always held him and kissed him and cuddled him and sniffed him. But I also remember being anxious about him reaching his milestones and my mom would tell me enjoy him while he is young because pretty soon he will be walking and getting into stuff and the fun really begins. Even my mom in law said the same too and I recall hearing it from other people too including on Facebook. I just wonder what my belly will look this time postpartum but I will find out after I have my daughter. Four more days of work and then I am on my maternity leave. I just hope I don’t go into labor before next week.


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