Okay I did it

Before you had kids, what did you think you would never do as a parent? People say they would never yell at their kids or never let their child cry in the store or have a tantrum, never let their child have sweets or watch TV.

I said I would never throw my kids toys away but today it happened. I got sick of my son spilling out his Thomas the Tank engine Mega blocks my husband got him for Christmas and not picking them up. I got tired of trying to get him to pick them up and making him stay in my room until they are picked up so finally I told him if he doesn’t pick them up, I won’t let him play with them for a while and he still left the mess. I tried to get him to pick it up but instead he went night night he calls it when he wants to go to sleep so he fell asleep on my bed. My husband was supposed to make him pick them up but he forgot so I try and have our son pick them up again this morning and I tell him he can eat after he picks up his mess. He just threw a tantrum and I ignored it. He still didn’t pick them up so finally I said I was going to take them and not ever give them back if I have to do it. I even said I was going to throw them away. He didn’t care and he just said “toss it.” I wait until ten am and he still didn’t pick them up so I grabbed a plastic bag and opened my diaper pail and started to pick up his mess and I try and put them in the trash but it was too big so I just took them out to the garage and set them on the work bench and my son was crying. I even tried to get him to pick up his other toys but he refused so I grabbed his cars and put them in his car storage container and took them out to the garage too. I was so fed up with his messes and refusing to clean them up.

Googling “have you ever thrown your kids toys away” I am not the only parent who has done this and tons of parents will say they have done it too and some will say they pack some away and keep some of it out and then they pack those away and take out the other toys. My mom has never thrown our stuff away but she has gotten rid of our old toys we were too old for when we would have a garage sale and I remember being eight and mom would threaten my brothers and I she was throwing a toy away while she was sweeping and we would all rush up and pick up our stuff so she wouldn’t toss them out. I do wonder if that was an empty threat and we all took it seriously but it worked and we are not damaged but lets say it taught me to throw stuff away that was in the wrong place as a way to break my family to keeping things put away and picked up and I kept on doing it because I never give up. My parents had to always dig in the trash before taking it out to the garage and putting it in the big trash can. I did it until I was about 13 because I realized they were never going to learn their lesson and they will just keep digging in the trash to make sure nothing has been thrown away. Even Mom yelling at me about it didn’t work because I still did it. I could remember her telling me I was out of control but I thought they were out of control being pigs. I was just doing what Mom taught me and it got my brothers and I to clean up our messes so it wouldn’t go in the trash so why was Mom getting mad at me for doing the same thing she was doing?

Bur now I feel better for what I did and now my son will not have to worry about having to pick up those Mega Blocks and he clearly didn’t care about them or else he would have done it and he did say “toss it” and I had to follow through or else he would not take me seriously next time. I actually plan on giving them away because I don’t like to throw useful stuff away. I am just holding onto them for now for when more pieces show up so I can keep putting them in there. As some parents wrote online about their kids in their comments to a blog here http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2013/09/13/why-i-took-my-kids-toys-away-one-year-later/ have you ever thrown your kids toys away, their kids are happier and one of them said they don’t have to pick up a big mess anymore. Hey if the kids are happy, what is the harm in getting rid of their toys? They have less messes to deal with and not have to pick it up anymore. Even the blogger’s kids are happy too. Another way of getting rid of your kids toys is having a yard sale and telling your kids to go though their toys to pick they want to get rid of to sell so they can get some money for it and buy whatever they want with their money they earn. I remember that several times as a kid and one year we had one so we can use for our rip to Disneyland and my brothers and I sold some of our stuff for money for Disneyland. I also have packed away my son’s POS car sets because they kept falling apart due to them being cheap. My son wasn’t happy with them and would get frustrated with it so I got tired of always fixing it and finally put it in a bag and stuck it in his closet. Plus he had them pieces lying all over in his room and not playing with it anymore so I packed it. I also got him a new set for five bucks at the flea market that’s never been opened and it turned out to be a piece of junk too and he took it all apart and I decided to pack that way and never buy him a set again unless it’s Hotwheels or Matchbox since it would be more durable and not easily fall apart. So throwing your kids stuff away isn’t a bad thing after all. Okay I wouldn’t literally throw it away, I would more like give it away. I do not like to throw away useful things or good items unless they are busted or have too many missing pieces.


3 thoughts on “Okay I did it

  1. Hi i just wanted to say hi as i have just began fallowing your blog and wanted to ad my 2 cents for being a great mom to yours son

    Good For you!! i have done the same with my own child who has his own special needs. i then have made him earn what toys we didn’t toss in the go away or garbage. you can do a reward system where he earns tokens to buy back his own toys.

  2. So, your kid got taken on the 1st and now he’s back? Or are you lying like you usually do? You don’t have a medical issue. You have a mental issue. See a therapist. Lying about being autistic is horrible enough now you’re lying about your kids? Yeah, that’s healthy…

    • You really can’t read. It was an April Fools joke I posted, scroll to the bottom. I never claimed to have a medical issue. Show me where I said that? Also show me where I am lying about my kids and how am I lying about having autism?

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