Diaper stories not worth it on Nook

I bought a story for a $1.25 and it wasn’t very long. I bought another one for .99 and it wasn’t long either. But at least they were cheap but IMO it’s not worth the money buying them to read it. I would rather go to Barnes & Noble and read the diaper stories since it allows us to read them in stores. Shame not all of the books tell us how many words it has but I do wish it would tell us how many pages it is. I am too hesitant to buy any diaper stories on Nook because if the story is too short, I feel it’s a waste of money and I can spend it on something better like a video game. I would rather buy books on Nook you can buy in hard or paperback. That way I know it’s a decent story and not some short one. Unless there is a story on there that is decent and long like a normal book, but I won’t know unless I gamble and I don’t want to do that. I would like to read There’s a baby in my Bed whatever it’s called. But thank god it was very little money I spent on those two diaper books. I did buy another ebook and it was $3.99 and it was written by a woman who was abused by her mother growing up, psychically and verbally and it was 60 pages long. But was it worth four bucks? I looked it up online and it is also a paperback and it costs ten dollars ($9.99) but I saved seven bucks buying it for my Nook.


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