Pooping in my diaper

I was at a new thrift store I stopped at on the way home from my group. it just opened a month ago. I go there to check it out and I go through some baby girl clothes I find there and I get the cramps all of a sudden to go poo. I look through them and get a James Bond DVD and pay for them and leave. Then I get home and show my son his new shirt I got him and new pair of Cars underwear and he loved them. I wash my diapers again and have a drink of water and the crampy feeling keeps coming and going and finally I push it out in my room and it comes out on its own after I give it a push and it’s a nice and soft feeling. I also peed too. I am wearing a pull up with a slit cut on it and a Wings cloth like diaper. It feels nice and soft and I am sitting in the nice chair typing. Those fiber pills had finally kicked in because I am pooping often now. I did yesterday and again today. Before that, I did two days ago.


2 thoughts on “Pooping in my diaper

  1. Wow I wish I would be able to do something like this as the amount of pills the doctor has me on causes me to be constipated – but I need things too keep soft, Any help or information would be great.

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