Bladder shrinkage and low blood iron

I forgot to post this so I will post it now.

I had a doctor’s appointment the other week for my prenatal care. I wear a pull up there and I peed before I left but had to go again when I was leaving. But I didn’t want to take my shoes off to go all the way upstairs to go and the bathroom in the kitchen was all torn up due to remodeling it and there was no toilet. So I held it and by the time I got there, I felt like I was going to wet myself when I got to the lobby and I clenched my muscles tight and after I checked in, I went to the bathroom and it was vacant thank goodness. It took me five seconds to release it and it was a good pee but not a long one. Then after my appointment I had to go again and it had been an hour when I last went. Then when I got home from the appointment I wet my pull up despite not going not too long ago. That’s how much I pee now. I always feel the urge to go before my bladder is even full thanks to diaper usage. I have tried to make it strong again in the past so it will get used to having pee in there again and it never worked and I don’t even have the patience to retrain it and who knows how long it could take, ten years?

I then had to go back last week to get my blood drawn and my dad went with me and waited out in the lobby and then we went to breakfast. I ate a whole lot that morning and didn’t eat again until I got home from work and it was my pie I had that came free with my meal and I weighed a whole pound more the next day and then within five days I had gained another two lbs and still weigh the same. My mom says that’s normal because the baby is putting on weight fast. She gained two pounds? I have a feeling I am going to have a big baby. My waist is already at 36 inches.

I got a phone call back today while I was out walking and they said I had low iron in my blood and I am to call them back to talk about treatment. My husband thinks I had that before pregnancy because I have always gotten bruises. I have been getting them since high school, 15 years of age and it started after I lost weight. I went from 153 lbs to 128 lbs from January to June. Now I am at where I weighed when I was 17. I gained up to 140 lbs at age 16 and I was told it was all muscle I was gaining. Then I went down to 130 lbs at age 18 when I started to work out again to tone my body and my weight went down instead.

Right now I have to shower.



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