Something I have noticed

I have noticed online people tend to pick on special needs parents and say bad things about them saying things like how CPS should be involved or how they can’t believe they have kids or how their kids will grow up to be stupid. I have noticed this at a few places online and it was a pattern I’ve noticed and every time they were ripping on someone, that person always had a disability. Now there is a difference between ripping on someone for something they did and ripping on their condition. It just looks bad when they do it. Okay so someone scams someone, people talk about it and warn others about that seller and that is fine, but to rip on that person for their condition and how slow they are and how they are not bright bla bla bla and making fun of them about it, not cool. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to pick on people about their disability when they have pissed them off about something. It just makes them look bad like they don’t like people with disabilities and have no respect for them and it makes them look ignorant and abliest, same goes for mental illnesses too. Pretty much everyone agrees if you are going to pick on someone or attack someone, leave their kids out of it, why not do the same with their condition too? Someone told me on another forum it’s hard to not offend someone else when you pick on someone about anything rather it’s glasses or whatever has happened to them or their disability, health problem, situation they are in, etc. when I protested about how it still wasn’t right for these former members from Wrongplanet to pick on a former mod about her eight miscarriages because she had pissed so many members off with her mod corruption and her getting nasty with them and it just makes them look bad than her. I don’t know if the person was justifying it or if he was explaining why they did it but he said she pissed off so many people, they will find anything to make fun of her about.

In the real world, people either think I am slow or retarded or think I am stupid. Online, people either think I am a troll or slow or stupid. I usually ignore these people and don’t bother reporting them if they make a rude comment or do a insult but today I did because that same person made his third rude comment to me so I reported it and it was on a different forum than on the other one where he had been rude to me at but I don’t care where he does it at. I did put him on ignore and will on Dailydiapers when I see one of his posts again. It’s only assholes who think this way about me. People who are not don’t think any of this about me and think I am smart. Another pattern I have noticed.

Something I realize now, back in my childhood were kids just picking on me for my speech problems and for my learning problems and being delayed just because they were ignorant or because they wanted something to pick on me about to piss me off about because they didn’t like me for some reason. I looked normal so they could get away with it. Kids who were obviously different were left alone and had respect and no matter what they did, they still had respect and still had friends and kids still liked them. I used to wonder how they could be different and still be normal and what was their secret formula for it. Now I know, you have to look different to be normal. I couldn’t understand how I could look normal but not be normal. That is what people with hidden disabilities face and why some people say why being severely autistic is easier than being high functioning or why it’s easier to have a more severe of a disability than looking normal. When you look normal, you face ignorance and people not accepting you and not understanding you because you look normal so they expect you to be normal and sadly people don’t want to get it. I have seen them admit it online on a forum I sometimes lurk at. If they say they don’t care to learn about autism, then that means people could be the same way in other things too. They even say they don’t care. People do choose to be ignorant.


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